A few posts for Alan Winfield.

Another Sunday night in Newark, and an Off-Peak train to That Nottingham to tick the final two new GBG entries in that fair city.

No problems finding quality cask here, though on my last visit I did note that a burger bar was the only Guide entry in the centre.

First things first.  How gorgeous does Nottingham station look ?

Proper train station

The two Guide newbies are to the south and west of town (unless I’ve got my directions wrong again), so I headed towards West Bridgford while Mrs RM went to buy a phone charger, our biggest weekly expense, from O2 in the Broadmarsh Centre.

Nottingham Meadows.PNG

Alan will hopefully appreciate this photo of the oldest professional league club in the world. The pies are very good here.

1862 and all that

I believe there’s another team based over the Trent in West Bridgford.

More solid architecture at Castle Rock’s Embankment, which it’s possible I’d been to pre-match years ago, but my memory ain’t as good as BRAPA’s.

The Embankment
Proper mock Tudor

It used to be a large Boots, and still retains its “Dispensary” signage to confuse Simon.


There’s a world of difference between a sleepy Norfolk village pub and Nottingham’s busy town pubs, even one outside the centre on a Sunday afternoon.

How else could it support ten cask, three ciders and lots of Evil Keg ?

Is ten even enough in 2017 ?
Black Iris Tap Takeover

Helped by a birthday party, live music in one room, and plenty of Notts couples, the tills were ringing anyway.

The Black Iris from the Tap Takeover was selling well, so I had the Castle Rock Preservation (on the basis it’s their pub), a real meal in a glass (NBSS 3.5).

A bit too open-plan for me, with posing tables (top) and general hubbub detracting a bit from the chemistry tat and proper seating, but hard to knock a place this lively.


WhatPub tells me there’s a Brewhouse & Kitchen close by, which instantly made me  nervous about a return trip in GBG19/

So I took the walk back to town via The Meadows, home to some great estate pubs that I’m fairly sure that;

a) Have never been in the Beer Guide

b) Have never been visited by the folk in the Embankment

c) Have been visited by Alan.

Poets  Corner

A very different side to south Nottingham to the Fun Central beside the Trent. Both happily keg, but I suspect with seating rather more to my liking.  Guess who runs the Riverway ?

As dusk falls, the entry into Nottingham was a treat,

Approach to Nottingham station

and I eyed up the Canalhouse for a pre-train pint.


Then I crossed Canal Street towards Broadmarsh.

This is the Nottingham I know and love.

Broadmarsh Bus Station

Mrs RM was waiting for me in the big Wetherspoons, plastic bags and pint in hand.

16 thoughts on “INTO THE MEADOWS

  1. Lovely photos; really capture both the locations and the time of day.

    Is your decision on which pint to order ever affected by knowing you’ll be mentioning it on the blog, i.e. “This choice will be more interesting to write about/read about, better than something I’ve written about before, or one everybody’s already super familiar with, etc.”

    Or is it purely “This is the one I really want to drink, given these options.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, I never think about when I’m out, but sometimes connections between the blog and other people’s come to mind after.

      In general, I’d expect to drink the house beer, rather than a guest. Sometimes that goes spectacularly wrong e.g. Tetley in Leeds 😱

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A great post showing buildings and pubs that both me and the wife know very well.
    The Riverway on Arkwright Street was a Shipstones tied house which was always our last pub before going to the City Ground ,home fans only and away fans would not dare to walk down there anyway,the only club to try and take The Riverway were the ones that dont play in Manchester,they put the windows through,but failed and got ran before even getting into the pub,which we were in at the time..

    The Poets Corner was an Home Ales tied house situated in the really nice looking Bridgeway Centre,a shame that the underpass from the train station has now gone due to the tram,it would look very intimidating for away fans.
    We went in the Canal House yesterday as we have always liked this pub.
    The bus we get from Stapleford went into the Broadmarsh bus station,been into it thousands of times,a good bus station with no buses queuing to get in or out like at those crap new bus stations like the new one at Scum.
    I did take photos of Broadmarsh bus station in the summer when it was open,it was sad to see it half demolished yesterday,we both took more photos of it.

    If i feel up to it i will try and do a blog about the pubs we have been in in Nottingham over the last few weeks and photos of the Broadmarsh bus station.

    NB: I thought Barnsley Brewery ran The Riverway,i know they went belly up,so no idea who runs it now.

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  3. “It used to be a large Boots, and still retains its “Dispensary” signage to confuse Simon.”

    Tsk, tsk. Nought wrong with the sign as they now dispense beer. 😉

    “Guess who runs the Riverway ?”

    Purely a guess but I’d say Greene King.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. “You wouldn’t know it was Sam Smiths, would you ?”

        To be honest Martin I wouldn’t know a Sam Smith’s if it bit me on the bum. 😌


  4. Despite the derogatory comments on the next Nottingham post, it’s a nice city. I spent three months down there at a trial staying in the Victoria hotel. That pub with the barges out the back is next door to the Crown Court and we used to go in there at the close of play for a few pots, and then a few more – I’ve got Fellowes Morton and Crows (Clowes?)or someone or somesuch name in my mind? That horrible brutalist bus station is across the road from the Crown Court, the quickest route from hotel to court was through that shopping centre and out into the bus station. My experience of it was that if it were pulled down no one would miss it!


    1. Did you get sent down after your trial at Nottingham Crown Court.
      Me and the wife used the Boroadmarsh bus station on a regular basis,it looks great,far better than some half timbered building in Stratford on Avon that is of no use to anyone.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Well done to The Embankment. More pubs should have their phone numbers as part of their signage. That way you can ring up whilst outside to ask what evil keg they have on and annoy the bar staff at the same time.

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