I can’t match BRAPA for poetry, but I think you’ll agree my November highlight is a work of art.

Draught Bass at its best in the Coopers Tavern in Burton, but actually drunk in Apne, the world’s top curry house.  Even the hotel was good this time, and we got to meet 6TownsMart. In a month where the availability of Bass was a matter of concern,this was sweet relief.

And to get straight to the top monthly award,

New Pub of the Monththe Dog, Burton-on-Trent


Proper pub, old blokes discussing Bass and Steve Davis, immaculate Oakham, strong keg, a triumph for Black Country Ales,

Runner-up the Sailor’s Home in Kessingland, an absolute classic seaside local that beats anything Southwold has to offer.

Classic by the sea


A good November. 41 new GBG pubs in 16 different counties, finishing off Leicestershire, Buckinghamshire and large parts of That London.

The Big Night Out of the month was, not for the first time, a beer and curry session in Stourbridge that took in two children’s Halloween parties in two brewery taps and a worrying amount of strong beer.

Robin Hood, Robin Hood,walking up the steps


Beer of the MonthAbbot in the Fat Cat, Norwich

The Bass and Oakham in Burton were up there, this Plum Porter in Wordsley looks the business,

Plum Porter

but the prize goes to the Abbot at a legendary pub that had just a couple of dozen too many beers on for my liking.  I made peace with the Fat Cat that night.

Fat Cat


Highlights of the month weren’t always pubby.  Gorilla in Manchester hosted two of my gigs of the year from Julia Jacklin and Aldous Harding, “Battle of the Sexes” (oddly not about beer) is an astonishing film, as great as “La La Land“, and Raheem’s winner against the Saints on Wednesday was greeted with The Rapture.

Julia Jacklin @ Gorilla


December Preview

Talking of La La Land, we’re off to L.A. and Vegas at Christmas, in search of Bass from the jug. That’s a gamble.

America would be the highlight, but obviously a meeting with top bloggers at the other Fat Cat in Sheffield on Tuesday afternoon will top that. If you’re around, pop along to Kelham Island and say hello to BRAPA.


Special Award for most combustible CAMRA Magazine – Ullage


And an honourable mention for the best looking Hungry Horse at sunset goes to the Hansom Cab in Hinckley.

Greene King


I can’t finish without wishing all the best to our top PubMan, Alan Winfield,who is struggling at the moment.  Our thoughts are with you Alan.






  1. Knowing how you like bargain it is possible to find one in the den of iniquity.
    One block south of the Strip is the Ellis Island Casino and Brewery.
    It is steadfastly unglamorous compared to its glitzy neighbours which is why I like it – there’s even a Northern Working Men’s Club vibe about the place.
    Beer is fine and the food a steal.
    But nowt posh mind.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your jug gamble is indeed a long shot. You find that on I’ll pay for your trip and join you. On a different note this post epitomizes why your blog is great. You were willing to change your opinion at least three times in one post. Not many people do that these days. Great stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It is nice to get more kind thoughts on your blog, Martin.
    I did do 21 new pubs in November,but it was hard i had to pack in on a Birmingham crawl and now the wife with good intentions does not want me to eat when she is not there.
    We did another new Nottingham bar last week that is not on any pub sites i know,but we liked it and will go back again.
    No more pub crawls planned,back down Nottingham this Saturday and then in hospital next week,a shame as the Kelham Island and Fat Cat would be easy pubs to get to,but then again if i was fit i would be at work.

    Cheers Alan

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  4. “Talking of La La Land, weโ€™re off to L.A. and Vegas at Christmas,”

    Good luck if you’re flying into (or changing planes at) LAX. Did that once (on the way back from Vegas funnily enough) and vowed to never do it again. All I can say is, ugh. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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  5. By coincidence it was while I was in Vegas that I happened to find a place with Wexford on tap, which is a Greene King “Irish” beer made only for us Yanks apparently. Greatly enjoyed a couple of them (in plastic cups, sadly; wonder if you’ll be treated to that odd Vegas tradition) and have never seen that brew on tap anywhere else before or since.

    Hope you’ll have a great time there, Martin, I’ll be looking forward to what you have to say!

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