We’d left Mrs RM scrambling through Woolwich tunnel.  She’s now restored to full fitness, heels healed,  

True beauty

I’m sure Erlanger Nick will approve of the use of the stairs, though few sane people would have used that lift.

No heel complaints today

And so we entered the magical land of South-east London, and Woolwich proper.


I’m a sucker for the views from the Woolwich Waterfront Leisure Centre. You can even see That London in the distance if you blow the picture up.

View from the Leisure Centre

But Mrs RM needed “facilities” and we pressed on into magical Hare St.  Of which more later.

Bagel Boss

Mrs RM worked as a Speech Therapist in Tower Hamlets for a bit, so is used to the “cultural melting pot” that is outer London.  I’d primed her to expect a radically different Woolwich from her last visit, though reassuringly the High Vis jackets were still there.


And the Elephant & Castle (not that one) doesn’t change much either.

Elephant & Castle, Woolwich Market

This looks a great pub, what with cask Courage and all, but the opening hours per What Pub have always put me off;

Opening Times   8-9 Mon-Thu; 8-10 Fri & Sat; 8-9 Sun

Nine hours a week; that might just pip The Well.

Anyway, I’d promised Mrs RM Craft. So craft she got, in the new GBG entry inside the Royal Arsenal.

Proper London

Woolwich seems to alternate its lone Guide entry, so we’ve already said hello and waved goodbye to Antic’s Equitable and the Dial Arch in recent years.

Dial Arch, Woolwich

If that cannon is there to protect SE18 from the Craft invasion then it’s failed miserably.

Hop Stuff Tap Room

Mrs RM’s eyes lit up as she surveyed a modern beer bar with exposed light bulbs, stools around beer barrels and a sourdough pizza menu.  Pub Curmudgeon may have had a different reaction.

Craft lightbulb alert
Spot the Mrs RM

The Tap Room was all very Hackney Wick, without the depressed West Ham fans anyway.  Notably, I was immediately handed the contactless pad when I came to pay.

The beer range, mainly their own Hop Stuff, looked ambitious.


But their Azacca (NBSS 3.5), and a lemony keg one from Wylam for Evil Keg Monster were excellent, the pizza cheap and hot, and the staff cheery.

That shirt is very familiar

Ten points if you can tell where that shirt cropped up before.

Y’all right buddy”  We were.

Technically you need to walk off sourdough pizza, so we explored Royal Arsenal.

Royal Arsenal housing

It’s rather gorgeous down by the river, more than a match for Greenwich.

The Thames

SE10 may have the old boats, but SE18 has the Iron Men.


All it lacks is a pop-up ice cream and brownie stand along the promenade.  We popped back to the centre for pudding.

The market is wonderful, with the most vibrant Caribbean atmosphere outside of Montego Bay.


And we were treated to some impromptu (and very angry) gospel outside the station entrance, another Woolwich speciality.

There was one more Woolwich Wonder to explore before the dangerous ferry back.


14 thoughts on “SENSATIONAL SE18

  1. The photo of the entrance to the Woolwich tunnel looks a tad unnerving.

    “Opening Times 8-9 Mon-Thu; 8-10 Fri & Sat; 8-9 Sun”

    Good lord; I would have assumed that was AM to PM. Sheesh


    The lone brewpub where I live is all artsy fartsy ducts as well (sigh).

    “Y’all right buddy”

    Ah, more of that “cultural melting pot”. Good thing Mrs RM was there to translate for you. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Open for just one hour per day, Sunday through Friday?! How could this be anything other than a money losing venture– doesn’t seem to add up.

    You’re making me want to read, side by side, Mrs RM’s review of this particular venue and that of Pub Curmudgeon.

    I honestly thought at first that you were casually generalizing about a certain brewing style as “hop stuff,” before seeing, from the photographs, that it’s the actual brand name! Well, at least you know what you’re getting. 🙂


    1. Sorry. That was a none too subtle joke about the lack of the 24 hour system (or am/pm) in What Pub. It’s open 8am to 9pm, a real market pub. Opening hours can be really confusing e,g, Wetherspoons show as 8-12 is morning to midnight, but some rural pubs really don’t open till 8pm in the evenings !


      1. “but you didn’t really think 8-9am !!!”

        I was thinking more like 8-9pm, but for now I’m going to cease the think and have a drink.😏



      1. Ha! She probably looks at the time and effort you put into it and concludes, “Good heavens, I can’t manage all that, let alone deal with the oddball Yanks commenting on things. I’ll just enjoy visiting places and leave the blogging to Martin.” ; )


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