Mrs RM is accompanying me on quite a few trips at the moment. Goodness know what she thinks I get up to without her.

North Woolwich.PNG
Proper London

She joined my trip to North Woolwich last week, safe in the knowledge I’d never be caught surreptitiously entering the Royal Standard.  As so often in South East London*, you need to start by reading Deserter’s review here.

Entertainment for gentleman (lower case g)

I’ve also given you the Pubs Galore entry, just the one review mind, as the What Pub description is rather less colourful.

She smiled enigmatically in a knowing way at the mention of a handpump

Fine selection of largers

It sounds fantastic (it doesn’t really), and I urged Mrs RM to become the first lady to go in and ask for pint of Smooth. But she resisted. Something about net curtains.

Even the pub legend that is Alan Winfield (best wishes Alan) hasn’t been in the Royal Standard.  Mainly that’s because there’s nothing much else about in the area.  Just up the A1011, the Henley Arms is the only pub in North Woolwich I’d be allowed in.

North Woolwich behind the wall

Of course, head toward London City Airport and you get Hugo Boss, Tate Shop and an airside bar run by “new” Truman’s.  Some interesting opening times on What Pub;

                     Opening Times   5.60am-8 Mon-Sat; 11-8 Sun

Anyway, you don’t visit North Woolwich for live pubs.

I’m pleased to see the Royal Oak listed on What Pub, but a bit horrified to see it’s still resisting a demolition attempt.

Royal Oak, North Woolwich

Mrs RM didn’t share my enthusiasm for the “stunning glazed ceramic tile exterior“. I think she was hoping for a beer or something.

Royal Oak, North Woolwich

So we headed for the river.

North Woolwich tunnel

There’s still a frisson of excitement about walking under the Thames.


Particularly when water is dripping in through the walls and you need the loo.

Look at Mrs RM go


What would we find in Woolwich proper to justify all this effort ?


*Deserter makes an excellent case for the repatriation of North Woolwich into SE18.



  1. “She smiled enigmatically in a knowing way at the mention of a handpump”

    Words fail me. 😆

    “Fine selection of largers”

    I’m guessing you are referring to the beers and not the, um, entertainment? 😉

    “Opening Times 5.60am-8 Mon-Sat; 11-8 Sun”

    Interesting open times indeed.

    “North Woolwich tunnel”

    That building looks like factory for making the TARDIS.

    “Particularly when water is dripping in through the walls and you need the loo.”

    Usually just hearing dripping water makes me want to go to the loo. 😋

    Can’t wait to see what Woolwich proper has. 😎


    Liked by 1 person

      1. I would just hope the Whatpub desription of “No real ale; just fizz.” isn’t a typo either.
        The Truman’s place at City airport is horrible, basically a coffee and bagel stand with overpriced poor quality keg.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. “but refers to the typical spelling of the generic word for Carlsberg and Stella in “proper” pubs.”

        Ooops. Didn’t know that. (blush)


  2. That is your second visit to North Woolwich, Martin.
    I am sure you will do the Royal Standard one day,if i was there i would do both without thinking how bad they might be,just a shame there are no other pubs nearby.
    Plenty of pubs in Woolwich to do,is it the new Youngs house the Dial Arch or the Woolwich Equitable that you are after.
    Get yourself up to Plumstead Common,plenty of Doom Bar and John Smiths smooth there,maybe a good read for your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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