Hinckley only offers two new GBG ticks this year, trailing behind the four (4) in Southport, but you know they’re likely to be good ones.


I say that because Hinckley & Bosworth CAMRA have a track record of putting proper Bass and Marston locals in the Guide over many years.

Hinckley may be well off the tourist, and the beery traveller trail, but as I found out last year in Nuneaton (still the best crawl on this blog) that means nothing. A mere six minutes apart on the train, you could even combine Leicestershire and Warwickshire’s finest pub towns and compare the quality of the Spoons.


The local CAMRA branch has a commendable magazine that has a healthy obsession with Draught Bass.  There’s even a William Bass trail that I’d contrived to miss.

But their neat little Ale Trail Guide is up-to-date and filled with places carrying the Red Triangle.


But never mind the beer.  How has Hinckley changed since my last visit five years ago ?


Good grief. It’s a town transformed.  From the station you pass a Steaming Billy place, a recent Pub of the Year for which there’s no space in this year’s Guide.

The terraced streets are unchanged, save the usual Halloween decoration. Good to see folk making an effort for such an important festival in the English calendar.


Also still here are the vital shops (and Chinese takeaways) that mark this as a classic East Midlands market town.

But elsewhere all is new and shiny, the Woolwich of the Midlands.  Must have been a boom time for builders and tradesmen here over the last 5 years.



Tucked into the Crescent’s entertainment complex (rather better looking than Stockport’s new effort) is Elbow Room.

If you drilled a hole in the back wall you could take your pint in to watch Blade Runner 2049 in the new Cineworld. I don’t recommend that; it’s 150 odd minutes and you’ll need the loo.


With exposed pipes and trestle tables, it’s closer in style to, say, a Heaton Hops than a Herne micro. A smart place attracting a good mix of folk at 4pm on a Thursday, with plenty of females, wine drinkers and elderly shoppers.  My sort of place.


The beer was from Furnace (Amber Gambler), always a good bet, but it’s going to appeal more to the Evil Keg Craft drinker (Mallinsons for £3.40), and the Debbie Harry fan.  A really good classic rock soundtrack too.


Conveniently located next to the mobility scooter store as well, always a good sign.


More from Hinckley later – Bass, Stranglers, Baps.


  1. I’m looking forward to the Stranglers, Bass and Baps…in no particular order! I agree, Hinckley is a nice little place for pubs and their mobilit scooter shop looks slighly more upmarket than the version I saw in Swad…They’ve had a big push on claiming Bass as one of their own as they can see the tourist possiblities as that is more likely to attact people to Hinckley than anything..He’s one of their own, he’s one of their own, William Bass, he’s one of their own (repeat to fade)

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  2. Hinckley was never a Bass stronghold,i did 20 pubs in the town on two dinnertime pub crawls on the 7th & 25th July 1984.
    Marstons ruled the town,
    14 Marstons tied houses
    2 Bass tied houses
    2 M&B tied houses
    1 Shipstones tied house
    1 free House

    The pubs that i did not do were all Marstons tied houses.

    Just saying.

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  3. “(still the best crawl on this blog)”

    Wot? Better than Leicester?

    “Conveniently located next to the mobility scooter store as well”

    Tsk, tsk. Google Maps shows there’s a FAB Noodle Bar in between the two. 🙂


    PS – I’m assuming the Triumph parts under the photo of Debbie Harry are meant to imply that she’ll get your motor running.
    (or maybe Bike Boy would be more appropriate)

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    1. Was there a noodle store ? Should have reviewed that for you ! I am rather impressed by your diligence. I didn’t recognise the Triumph parts, but did recognise and call out your #EverydaySexism.


  4. Hinckley may want to invest in a new “Welcome to Hinckley” sign, or at least give it a good cleaning; the words say ‘Triumph’ but the moss says failure! Ah well, they’ve got the Bass right, and that’s all that matters.

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