I start, of course, with The Outlaw, star of my (and our American friends) trip to the wonderful Waggon & Horses in Bewdley.  This pub explains why people go to pubs on October nights, rather than watching Bake Off with a bottle of Cloudwater.

It had been a very good month ’till Milton Keynes, the sort of pub tick that makes you doubt your sanity.  Can’t the Beer Guide just drop Buckinghamshire ? (and add the rest of Ireland).


Fifty-two (52) new Beer Guide entries in the month (that’s 52, Simon), completing Central London, Warwickshire, Rutland, Northants and Suffolk chapters.

A lot of Midlands marauding this month, with a couple of top pub crawls in Bewdley, Birmingham and Leicester with the legends that are Messrs Dick, Dave, Len, Peter (x2),Paul, Citra and Yorkie (+ others). A Supergroup there, if ever I saw one.

My (completely unposed) Photo of the month shows Pub Curmudgeon celebrating the Tull sneaking onto the jukebox at the Criterion.



Other Highlights included a first trip to the Royal Albert Hall since The Smiths to finally see Tori Amos and meet Substandard Nerd, a gig-going legend, the ticking of two pubs open ten hours a week, and the belated realisation of the purpose of Ilford. (cheap curry).

Ilford curry – yours for £6


New Pub of the MonthRock & Roll Brewhouse, Birmingham


I don’t know why I love you”  sang the House of Love.  And I did find it hard to explain the appeal. Not that the R&R Brewhouse would have such duff music playing.  Open ten hours across Friday and Saturday, a classic.

Runner-up – Crown Point Tavern, Denton


My best blog title (wasted on you lot), the best kneeling outside the NFL, and possibly the busiest midweek pub of the month.  Denton was great.

Beer of the MonthTiny Rebel Beat Box, King’s Head, Stamford


Stamford, always excellent, just got an NBSS 4.5.  This was the sort of beer that makes it all worthwhile.  Tiny Rebel again, I note.


November Preview

A very exciting month, with trips so far confirmed to the dentist, Columbia Road Flower Market, Salford, Brighton, Hull and Durham. Lots of gigs, including David Thomas Broughton, Aldous Harding and Mammoth Penguins.  I’m so trendy.

Oh, and a pint in Leeds with the bloke who took this photo;

You’re dead mate


You’ll know who it is.







      1. Ok, that sounded a bit like Deep Thought in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy describing the more powerful computer he can build to answer the Ultimate Question. 😉


        Liked by 2 people

  1. Include the rest of Ireland in the GBG ?
    You’d better like stout,cooking lager or sweet chemical cider because in most pubs there’s fuck-all else.
    There are 20 pubs in a two mile radius of where I’m sitting and 18 of them are shite.
    The common perception of Ireland as a land of great boozers is,I’m afraid,largely bollocks.


  2. I had a proper count up of new pubs done in 2017,by the 7th October i had done 420 new pubs,everything going to plan.
    Then i was put on some new tablets,which may affect my liver,had blood tests no problem,may make me feel sick,took the anti sickness pills and no problem,may reduce my Immune system,i started to ache and feel weak 3 weeks ago and i now have flu,the doctor told me,even though i have had a flu jab.
    The wheels have well and truly fell off the bus.
    The pub crawl planned for this Saturday abandoned,i doubt i will make it to 500 new pubs now.


  3. Thanks Martin,
    I find it a good challenge to try and do more new pubs than you do in a year,Martin.
    My wife is urging me to go out next week as she is on a weekend away this weekend,i think if i improve i may get to around 489,but not better yet and still off work.


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