I realise I’m in danger of exceeding allowable levels of enthusiasm for London in recent posts, but this blog will always tell the truth.  Unless Maidenhead Tourist Office bribe me enough to tell you it’s not that bad.

On to South Ken. Home to Genting Clubs (no idea), dinosaurs and a mews pub where we aimed to meet a chap called Substandard Nerd.  The wander there up Gloucester Road and Queen’s Gate Terrace was very ’70s London.

south ken.PNG



I’d been to the Queen’s Arms a few years ago, loved it, and forgotten that selecting the closest pub to the Royal Albert Hall was a dumb thing to do.


Luckily I have Mrs RM, who has an uncanny ability to find/engineer a table, in this case right by the door.  Good for observation, but prone to your table being nicked if you went to the bar or the loo.



A little cracker, with the usual London cask range (I may have had the Sharp’s, don’t judge me) and an unusually wide keg range that went well beyond Camden Pale.  Proper expensive too, not your cheap Pelt Trader stuff.

Substandard Nerd is, along with Big Jeff and Chopstick, the BRAPA or Pubmeister of the gigging world.  A new band every night, summary dutifully posted to Twitter.  Thanks to him I have enough music tips to last me ’till Christmas.  Great to meet you, Sir.


He’s a bigger Tori Amos fan than Mrs RM and me, but having stuck with her since 1992 I at least recognised her set, unlike the Essexwhoopers standing next to us in the gallery (Nou Camp style view below).

She remains very, very brilliant (see why I avoid reviewing gigs), and only a little bit disconcerting.


The sound at the RAH was better than I remember (Bruckner’s 7th, 1992), but the beer choice was, pleasingly, as naff as ever.



7 thoughts on “TOPING FOR TORI

  1. RAH is a weird venue for amplified music, it simply wasn’t designed for it. I’ve seen stuff there that sounded awful, then seen a DVD that sounded fine.

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  2. That sunset photo is smashing. And it looks like if you had a bit more time you could have popped into the Glouceter Arms on your way to the Queen’s Arms. 🙂


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  3. Did you know that the Queen’s Arms is also known as “the Nines”? Allegedly because it’s the closest pub to the Royal College of music, and the RCM has 98 practice rooms.

    Although we found that however sharply we left the Albert Hall at the end of a Prom, the trombone section would always be in front of us at the bar.

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