Having peaked too early in the Pelt Trader, and being much too early to loiter around South Ken, we took the tube to the end of the line at Richmond.

It’s about time we had a picture of the Tube on here.


The District Line (the green one) takes you from Cannon Street to Richmond in the company of the sort of mythical characters normally only encountered in an episode of BRAPA. That said, I would happily have walked, but Mrs RM’s foot and all that.

It may seems as if I have a downer on West London from reading this blog, but I’ve always thought the Thames between Richmond and Fulham rather wonderful (with the Draught Bass in the Express at Brentford the highlight). And the riverside pubs, particularly the White Cross, are a great place to spend £4.50 or more on a pint.

Richmond 1.PNG

There’s apparently a Sam Smiths pub somewhere in the vicinity too.

But GBG newbie the Mitre is a proper backstreet suburban pub in town, in an area lit up by a few decorative touches and some almshouses I wasn’t allowed in.




Mrs RM was just beginning to doubt my “only be ten minutes honest” line when she spotted respite.


Not the world’s best pub sign, or the most distinctive exterior, but there is something very cosy and welcoming about the suburban London corner pub, whether in Ealing or Kentish Town.

And there’s something of the Pineapple’s unfussy pubbiness here, though note the lack of beer mats. And Bass mirror.


On the upside, we had folk with northern accents, a good beer range (cool and floral Gun and Alchemist, NBSS 3-3.5), and a soundtrack of Gimme’ Shelter and Moonlight Shadow. Any pub that plays Mike Oldfield is OK with me, and was clearly a hit with the Old Boys.

Rare picture of Mrs RM on her phone

The most exciting thing we saw on the way to the Hope was the plane taking Dick and Dave back to the States, no doubt still arguing about where they’d had the best Bathams (report to follow).


I’m afraid the exterior is the best thing about the Hope, and even that nearly got me killed taking a photo from Kew Gardens Road.


Some adequate but over-chilled Twickenham beer (the one with the sexist name, I’m afraid), disinterested or possibly distracted staff, and a cavernous interior with only the music of Simon and Garfunkel for company.  Astonishingly, “Cecilia” for the second time that day.  The books on the shelves were about pubs, never a good sign.


But at least it had a shuffle board. Unfortunately I didn’t have my shuffles on me.


Back to the station, via at least four sets of traffic lights, and the least convincing street art since Daventry.

How many can you identify ?


And I left my copy of “Atonement” on the tube, 30 pages from the end.


12 thoughts on “RICHES IN RICHMOND

  1. “Some adequate but over-chilled Twickenham beer (the one with the sexist name, I’m afraid)”

    That would be the Redhead then. I always thought it was sexist to classify a woman by the colour of her hair (especially now that my wife’s hair would charitably be labeled weiss(beer). 😉

    “But at least it had a shuffle board. Unfortunately I didn’t have my shuffles on me.”

    Tsk, tsk. It has nothing to do with the number of shuffles one has about one’s person. It is merely a reminder to shuffle if you are bored.

    “How many can you identify ?”

    Three (#s 1, 4 and 5… though #2 is quasimodoish – i.e. he rings a bell). 🙂



      1. “It was Naked Ladies, I think.”

        I had to look up the brewery and Naked Ladies was the first one listed. I was just being mischievous. 😉

        “I’m sure your wife is touched by that description of her hair 😉”

        What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. 😊


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  2. You did not go on the tube. Richmond is a branch of the Metropolitan District Railway, indeed running over BR (okay Nitwit Rail these days) metals. The tube is the network of lines serving the deep level tunnels, ie the Norman, Viccy, Picc, W&C, Jub, Bakerloo and Central.

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  3. Richmond used to be a great stronghold of Young’s – I remember drinking a few pints of their Best Malt Ale (dark mild) in a pub there shortly before it was discontinued.

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  4. I can remember it well,i did Richmond while staying at a mates bedsit in Blackheath,lots of Youngs tied houses and the Orange Tree is opposite the train station.
    I have also had plenty of Shepherd Neame Mild before they stopped brewing it while on holiday in Kent and on our honeymoon in Folkestone.
    It is a shame that most breweries down South that are still open have dropped their Mild,is Harveys the only one still brewing it.


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