A bit of a stunner to come tomorrow, but I drop my chronology to bring you today’s Draught Bass Report from Etwall.


The villages between Derby and Burton off the A38 are a treasure chest for disciples of Pedi and Bass, as readers of BritishBeerMat’s blog will know by now.

Disciples of Buddha from nearby Ashe Hall were, however, noticeable by their absence in Etwall village, which I presume gets it’s custom from the Toyota factory later.

Etwall 2.PNG

At 2pm, even Steve’s Fish Bar, one of the finest in the Kingdom, was quiet.

A quiet pub anywhere isn’t the best place to judge Bass, even in a pub as stately and welcoming as the Hawk & Buckle.


Inside it’s perhaps too modern for some (compared to, say, Joules), but smartly done in the Marston’s style Mrs RM approves of, so that’s OK.  Apparently it’s now a free house, but if you skip Bass you’re daft as a brush.

The Lounge was a bit more traditional, but the equally quiet Public had the cricket on, so I asked the Landlady to take my Bass through.  I suspect that was the extent of the “banter” while I was there.


As you’ll see, a bit of a sports bar feel, and I nearly shouted “Get in the hole !” as Morgan spilled another catch. At least there was no-one else to feed the glowing retro juke box (top) with coins and treat us to “Freebird“.


Anyway, posing tables and lack of Old Boys apart, this was an exemplary Draught Bass Experience (DBE), from the immaculate new glass to the cellar cool liquid and perfectly tight head.  An easy NBSS 3.5; probably even better at 6.30pm.


This wasn’t my first excellent Bass in Etwall. The Spread Eagle has been in and out of the Guide with a similar Bass/Pedi range, despite being a free house.

Wikipedia describes Etwall as affluent.  I guess that depends on whether you’re visiting from Farnworth or Fulham.  The area around the church and almshouses is certainly worth the stop off the A50.



Ultimately, though, it’s the reclusive “Red Mushroom Photographers” who provide the tourist £ here.


I’m sure Richard Coldwell, an expert on such matters, will tell me they’re highly poisonous and shouldn’t be approached.

I escaped with a brown mark on my trousers. And a few worried looks from the locals.









  1. Just a quick comment, as the sun sets behind the towers of Regensburg, but what a smashing looking pub (Hare and Buckle), and Draught Bass as well.

    I’ll just have to stick with the Bischofshof Ur-typ Hell I’ve got in front of me.

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  2. I have done most pubs West of Scum either with the wife on the Villager buses or with my Brother who drove me round some of the harder pubs to get to.
    It is a shame that most pubs now have Pedigree on the bar,when in the late 80s it was a mix of Bass Marstons and Ind Coope tied houses,if pub crawling in Burton on Trent now it is hard not to find Pedigree on a pubs bar.

    Are the Beermats blog and Life after Football the same blogs or not.
    They seem to be much better writers than me,but i say what i see and what i drink,probably not as good as other bloggers though.

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  3. Is that photo under the one of the church a senior’s residence or monk retreat or what?

    Oh and as for this:

    “The Spread Eagle has been in and out of the Guide ”

    I won’t comment on being in and out of the spread eagle. 🙂


    PS – Have a sausage for me Paul.

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      1. Apologies for the Anonymous*, in the throes of setting up a new computer (finally!). 😎


        *Note I didn’t apologize for the filth 😉

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    1. I like your blog as i have been i all pubs i have looked at on it up to now.
      I have also left a few comments on a couple of your posts,Martin should read one of them as it is a reply to one his comments about me.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Legendary,I wish.
    I do admit that i can drink quite a lot of beer while on pub crawls,my limit is now 23 pubs and 23 halfs and a pint in either Nottingham or Scum after getting of the train or bus,plus a couple of home brews when i get home,i feel well the next morning after that,but if i go over that then i get into a mess and fall over.

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    1. “but if i go over that then i get into a mess and fall over.”

      Good man; just like Clint Eastwood then.

      “A man’s got to know his limitations.”


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