Only four more sleeps !

I’m sure that, like me and Pub Curmudgeon, you’re counting down to IndyManBeerFest, the beer event of the year. Mrs RM and I will be there on Friday lunchtime, being tight old gits with time on our hands.  Look for us maximising the ABV per £ by sticking to beer over 10% (assuming IndyMan continue last year’s pricing policy).

To be honest I’m a bit surprised Mrs RM is coming, she’s on a fitness push, but of course “Craft is good for you“. And it’s set in a swimming pool so it’s almost exercise.

Manchester 3.PNG

We warmed up for IndyMan17 with the first of several trips to the self-proclaimed (and actual) greatest city on earth*.  Certainly the view from the Mitre is as good as any.


A shame the Mitre itself is so dull, but when you’ve got pubs as good either side it hardly matters.



While Mrs RM enjoyed the delights of Debenhams Café (insert head-in-hands emoji here), I took a proper caffeine shot at Ca Phe Viet, worth a trip for the drip filter and weird milk in mayonnaise bottle scenario.


Tea was at a place I’ve been promising to take Mrs RM for some time, since Richard Coldwell raved about it, but a combination of queues and me getting drunk has denied her the okra fries till now.

Arriving at Bundobust at 5pm finds a quieter sight than in Leeds at 6pm.

Parental Advisory – Bundobust not normally this quiet

Okra Dhal, Masala Dosa and those fries were enough for (even us) two, albeit those okra fries have enough salt for the week.  I’ll probably work through their short menu eventually.

Another scary beer blackboard, but at least at Bundobust the two cask pumps have clips. Nice to see the real ale firmly at the bottom of the beer list. #CaskIsDead.


First time here, I thought the house keg was great, the cask a bit less than cool.  This time the Squawk Citra was spot-on (NBSS 4), as good a pint as the one I had when I met BRAPA last year at Cask.  Beer Guide standard anywhere in Britain, and a measure of the strength in depth of the central Manchester cask scene.

Great glass, too. And look at those lacings !


Whether Bundobust will ever replace my regular Manc curry house is another matter.



*Stockport is a town



      1. Do I assume that after a few scoops at IndyMan on Friday lunchtime you’ll be coming along to our Stagger in the evening to sample indifferent Robbies’ in Hazel Grove and Great Moor?

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  1. The only pub i have missed in Hazel Grove and Great Moor is The Bear which is a bit off the beaten track.
    Short story coming up about a pub crawl from Hazel Grove to Stockport train station.
    The pub crawl was quite easy just do every pub on the A6 up to Stockport,all went well until late afternoon when i fell asleep in a really nice Robinsons tied house that was empty,when i woke up it was full,i then carried on doing my pub crawl along the A6 towards stockport,first pub i hit was probably a Blue Bell,strange that there are two Blue Bells on the same stretch of Road,second pub on my crawl towards Stockport i think was a Royal Oak,this seemed very strange as i had been in a Royal Oak on the same stretch of road earlier in the day,when i got to my third pub after my sleep it was yet again the same name as a pub i did earlier,i then realised i was walking the wrong way and was doing pubs i had already done,so i turned round and walked fast to what should have been my next pub.
    I got to Stockport train station on time and was to be honest worse for wear,i got the Nottingham train,when i woke up the train was stopped,i asked a lady opposite me if we were near Nottingham,she said “no we are just outside Grantham” i then said why did you not wake me up at Nottingham,which was a stupid question as she did not know where i wanted to get off anyway.
    The last train out of Grantham was at 11.30,but i noticed a train on the station that is used to pull freight,so i went up to it and asked if he was going to Nottingham,i think you can guess the reply.
    I had time to nip off the station and find a back street pub that i had not been in,The Odd House.
    I got the last train back to Nottingham and then had to get a taxi back to Stapleford.
    My wife was not well pleased when i got home over two hours later than i should have.


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