You’ll know the score by now.  I’m in deepest Dorset for the End of the Road festival, seeing if I can eat something from every food outlet.  It’s like doing the Beer Guide, but bad for you.

So you’ll have to put up with a few short posts ’till Sunday, starting with a pub close to Preston‘s famous Red Lioness.

walton le dale.PNG

You don’t get many gorgeous little locals like Walton-le-Dale’s White Bull in counties like Cambridgeshire anymore.


Not ones that just sell Hobgoblin and Wainwright and get in the Beer Guide, anyway.  I don’t care where Wainwright is brewed these days, it’s a decent beer, and in decent condition here (NBSS 3). And it was too far to walk to the Moorbrook.


A rather gorgeous Boddington handpump (top) as well, possibly of Hydes vintage (?), but of course cask Boddies is a relic of the past.

In contrast, Boddies keg seems a staple of the modern day Premier Inn (that’s not a recommendation). Premier Inn really is a anti-craft haven these days, isn’t it ?


Late on Sunday, the locals were having a riot of a time, safe in the knowledge they weren’t going to school tomorrow.  I could only assume the cowboy hats were in honour  of Glen Travis Campbell.

I’m going to push the boat out and have an orange juice

I think I’ll have a lager shandy. And some Snyders.

That’s really pushing the boat out

You fancypants !”


Perhaps the first use of “fancypants” in a public house since 1983. No-one mentioned hopping rates while I was there, but they did seem oddly perturbed by the Newcastle score.

Flat caps in Burnley, cowboy hats in Preston.  That’s the M65 for you. Please don’t ask me to find out what they wear in Blackburn.

I do hope the new Beer Guide (out 14/9) will bring us a few “proper” beer pubs like this to go alongside the hobby ones. Surely we can count on Preston ?




      1. Darn, Dave beat me to it. I was going to say that the small print under “dress code applies” indicates just how long your dress has to be. Whether just above the knee is ok or down to your calves or ankles is required. 😁

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Interesting that caught the eye of two of us. I was trying to think how often I have seen that sign. I don’t really remember seeing it much. Especially posted that officially.


      3. Dave and Russell both beat me to it I also note both the over 21s only and no children after 7pm signs. At what age do you cease to be a child in Preston?

        I also note the inappropriate apostrophe on the over 21s only sign.


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