Under the “Pub Ticking Blogger” charter I’m obliged to do a monthly post detailing progress, even if I’m in a field, in Wiltshire, without WiFi (as Jarvis Cocker sang). Posting on a mobile phone is the blogging equivalent of pubbing in micros.

That internet problem means I’m struggling to update my GBG spreadsheet for the new Guide, meaning my pinkies aren’t getting much of a workout.

Never mind, End of the Road Fest provided some decent keg from Beavertown. And hazy IPA from Gyle 59, and some sunshine.

Pubwise, 36 new GBG pubs before the 2017 Guide became redundant, and a clatter of counties complete in the west.

The highlight was meeting the Southworth clan to discuss Dylan, Goodfellas, and taking your beer back in Deal. I’ve never seen Goodfellas. Or Dylan.

New Pub of the Month was the New Brew’m in Burnley. Because you’ll never get tired of this photo, or Burnley.

Cat of the month was from Kendal

Beer of the month was this;

Helped by the best view of the month, from the Anchor to Tintern Abbey.

Some fairly dull beer in August, if honest, and you cant really blame the heatwave on that.

I reckon I’ll have finished checking the new GBG my Monday night, at which point I will claim to be heading off to the Isle of Wight.

In reality, James is off to Uni in Sheffield on the 17th and I suspect that’s where I’ll be basing my ticking for a while 😉


  1. I don’t know what sort of beer quality you are getting in your field, but in a pub Gyle 59 is stupendous, I very much like their unfined unfiltered hazy beers. Their tap room in Lyme Regis, Cellar 59, is a beacon of modernity on the E Dorset coast


    1. You’ve raved about Gyle 59 a few times, so had to come off the Beavertown. The bar manager at End of the Road knows what he’s doing, beer well cooled and they stick to competent local breweries. Only let down by plastic glass 😞


      1. Permanent fixture in Stew & Oyster B.Spa on keg.

        We’re meeting there at five o’clock if you’re interested? Back to Clifford on five to seven bus for a quick one in Old Star, it’s only £1.10! The bus, not the Beavertown which is about £5 something a pint, depending which variety they have on.

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    1. I second that comment by Dave.

      I also second that comment by Richard. Dave and I also enjoyed Cellar 59 which involved some political talk with a couple who lived nearby.

      What is that yellow one doing among all those pinkies?


  2. I dont want to sound like a bore,because i me and the wife are not,but people in England with route 66 and American flags on their denim jackets pisses us off,if they like America so much why not live over there.
    keg craft crap at £5 plus a pint is crap and too expensive,Brew Dog and the likes can stick it up their arses for that price.
    Never heard of Goodfellows and would not like to see Dylan if they paid me a kings ransom.

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    1. Does route 66 represent America or an idea? I am genuinely curious. Typically route 66 would represent the freedom of moving west. Escaping. Very common in American literature and song. Huck Finn headed that way. (The US flag wearing I am not sure I understand.) The route 66 idea though isn’t necessarily about the US. Or maybe they are just pretty patches:)


      1. Route 66 is the bus service from Hull Station to Hessle Square. The buses actually do run in practice – they are not just an idea.

        I do not own a flag. I do possess a number of sheets of paper with Allam out printed on them which I often use in a similar way to a flag. I hope this is acceptable.

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  3. No flags,Martin,
    If you live in England or Scotland fly or show your flags but not one from other countries.
    I saw a twat in a car in Stabbo with a stupid American hat on and all of those American flags on his stupid car.


  4. Love the selection of pinkies, greenies are harder to get hold of!
    Cat pic is great and that New Brew-m, wow, I went post-match 2 seasons back and strange place.
    Good luck in Sheffield, they all seem to be closing down in centre so have to go further out, 5 I need without breaking embargo!
    But Rotherham ain’t too far away, as somebody sang once, probably.


    1. You can make green by putting yellow and blue markers in a blender. Or a microwave.

      My music fest has interrupted cross checking, but Sheffield looked a bit dull. I’ve got a hotel booked near the Rotherham newbie, always best to make a night of Rotherham 😁


  5. Falmouth day one was my last post,so probably not missed any.
    I am finding it hard to do everything i want to do,keeping my own pub stuff up to date,which is a long way behind,doing reviews on Pubs Galore and planning new pub crawls that involve drawing maps,next pub crawl up to Darlington which my good wife paid for,never been there or know much about the town,but i do know there is a secret Sam Smiths pub there.
    By next week i should have done well over 350 new pubs and bars this year,but do not think i will do more than you and not reach 500 plus.

    On another topic a guy from Stoke on Trent had a double page spread in the Daily Mirror about having done just over 10000 pubs since 1972.
    I know that you and me have done a lot more pubs than that and in a shorter time.


  6. I must have done the route 66 bus as i did get a bus from Hull bus station to Hessle and did all open pubs i found there.
    I loved being on Hull bus station and thinking where i would go to next,done loads of trips out from it from 2009 to 2010 while staying up in Beverley.


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