I’ve lost my notes for this little trip; must have been talking to Mrs RM or something.  Either that or there was no decent banter to record.  Anyway, a few photos remain.

The stretch of A38 south of Bristol and to the Cheddar Gorge is a bit of a mystery to me.


Dominated by the sort of roadside pubs offering airport parking that make those in Luton look posh, it’s quite a rapid journey out of the cutting edge that is Bedminster.

The key village is Axbridge, home to medieval King John’s Hunting Lodge, from which forays were made into Compton Bishop and Rodney Stoke in search of Wiper & True on keg.

It’s also Butcombe land. And I like Butcombe, despite their inevitably pointless re-brandings and expansion of the core range.

But the New Inn on the Axbridge/Cross crossroads had Otter (or Doom Bar).  I won’t score it; let the look on the face of the plastic tree reveal all.  You should have seen his face after I poured the half away.


Almost worth the cost of a half for the view over to Cheddar. But not quite.


Five minutes away, Banwell was a weird place, its unprepossessing GBG pub closed to spite me, and a sense of death pervading the whole village.  If I suddenly stop blogging, look for my body there.


Scary Banwell

So thank goodness for the Swan, possibly the Butcombe flagship, set in some gorgeous walking country.Rowberrow.PNG

Swan Inn


A picture postcard setting, cheery service, and the best Butcombe of the week. Goodness knows why a dining pub needs four beers, mind.


If anyone has actually done the Butcombe pub trail, etc etc.

2 thoughts on “HUNTING BUTCOMBE

  1. Years ago my wife and I visited Axbridge. I thought the village square was quite beautiful. We visited the Lamb on the square there. Pleasant pub then. Interesting to read about the village after all this time.


  2. Back in 2009 did part of the Butcombe trail staying in Priddy, on top of the Mendips with the Queen Victoria nearby and walking down (and back!) to Axbridge and the aforementioned Lamb. About a sixteen mile round trip, but great views and lashings of Butcombe. The brewery did do fine guidebook to the whole trail which came in handy. Well worth a look

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