And another post from home, I must have done something wrong.

One of the most impressive aspects of WhatPub is that it often includes the odd innovative venture like Thirsty’s Biergarten (here), open Thursday to Sunday at the moment.

Cam Biergarten.PNG

Thirsty, you’ll remember, is the newish crafty offie that sold me an exploding growler of Hardknott Azimuth last year.  Not their fault, I was running along the Cam with it at the time.


They already have what you youngsters call “food vans” on their Mitcham Road site, but their new venture utilises rare Cambridge industrial heritage alongside the Cam to good effect.  Look for the tower; you can’t miss it.


I’m slow to appreciate Cambridge’s charms, says Mrs RM. “If it was in a suburb of Manchester or Berlin, you’d rave about it“.  And she’s right.

Inside Cambridge Musuem of Technology you can learn about sewage pumping and letter-press printing (mutually exclusive activities, I hope) for a modest admission charge.

For free, you can now enter the site at weekends and explore a bit of weirdness over a craft beer and a burrito.

Erlanger Nick can translate



No real ale, probably wisely, given that plastic glasses and cask don’t mix, but the beers are very to Mrs RM’s taste. £4.80 for the Howling Hops ain’t too bad in the mad new world either.


Just the one food cart on the Thursday, serving a decent chicken burrito for £6 in a setting perhaps not quite matching the Englischer Garten yet.



If we ever get a summer I’ve no doubt we’ll pop back, probably for the “Mikkeller + Meierer Tap-takeover Weekend” on 7 September.  Only 30 minutes walk from the station, do you do have to pass a few competing distractions on the way.

Cambridge Blue





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