Full disclosure : I reckon Bury St Edmund’s Dove is one of the world’s top 3 pubs.


I’ve written about the Dove before, and no doubt will again.  Andrew from West Suffolk CAMRA reckoned Sunday afternoon would be a good day to sample the atmosphere and ale, as the Dove received its Pub of the Year awards. OK, that meant sticking the campervan in Ram Meadow and coughing up £4 for parking, but you’ve got to live a little while you’re alive.

Pubs aren’t primarily about beer, especially in a POTY, but they do help a pub stick in the mind. Five visits, and I’ve never rated a beer lower than NBSS 3.5. And I always stay for a second pint, which is rather unfair on the Beerhouse.


Last Sunday the Dove was as packed (with all ages) as usual, and apart from the ones on below, they had the added bonus of three beers from the jug. You’d have to travel to Derbyshire to get that (I believe).


Of course, the ultimate beer from the jug is Bass, but the Moongazer Pale was very rich, close to nectar (NBSS 4.5) . I don’t know why it’s better than beer from the barrel, it just is.


The beer of choice was the Green Jack Mahseer, at 5.8% the perfect session pint (NBSS 4). Never let anyone tell you they can’t put back the beer in West Suffolk CAMRA.

Or chat about things other than tractors and hops.  To be honest, I was rather distracted by the natural carbonation on the Manseer.


Along with Terri and Jethro in Cambridge and the lady in the Greyhound last week, The staff at the Dove are my favourite pub folk.

I went back to the bar for a 3rd selection, to be cheerily told;

“It’s the Mahseer you want.  Do what the Landlord tells you.”


A good rule to follow when the Landlord(s) really does know what they’re doing.

I told him I needed an App to let me know when the Pedigree was actually on.  He just laughed.

Bury looked better than ever that afternoon.




    1. It’s amazing how many times first impressions are reliable – you and Simon often agree on welcome as well as beer in a lot of places. The Dove gets my vote by focusing on the welcome and established family brewers (Woodfordes/Adnams) served at their peak. I’m lucky we can park there overnight and have 2 pints to test that !

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  1. I’m in here now and felt compelled to search what you had written. As usual spot on. I was first in and it’s now ten past 6 and the place is busy and warm and friendly. Beer spot on. A memorable experience.


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