For ten points, name the beer above.  It’s one of my favourites, and the redeeming feature of my diversion to Skipton and Cross Hills.

I almost skipped Skipton completely due to a phenomenon known as “slow uploading of photos”. That would never do. You’d have missed out on my Mood Photo.


Gallagher’s Ale House looks and sounds like a micro, but on a dank Friday night it felt more like a social club over-spilling into the village car park.  As you’ll see, ale definitely not the drink of choice, which works for me. The more mixed a crowd, the better.


Inside it was a bit manic, and obviously standing room only. Anyone who’s been to Naylor’s Tap round the corner will recognise the experience.


There were too many children running around to take good photos, or avoid traumatic bumps and brusies, and I suspect Pub Curmudgeon would have had “issues” with the place.

An interesting experience, for once rescued by Burslem’s finest (big clue there). NBSS 3.5.

Back in Skipton, this year’s inevitable lone new GBG tick is the Three Links Club, rather too quiet for my liking if I’m honest, but serving decent beer well below the town average price, which of course is all that counts.

Goodness knows what they make of the occasional pub tourist.


Some BRAPAesque conversation in an Am Dram style here overheard over a Tina Turner soundtrack.

What about the character dressed as a lady ?”

He has lovely legs

No, you’re right.  It’s not that great.  The Hetton Pale was decent, though (NBSS 3).



Noisy micropubs and quiet social, all part of the GBG’s rich pageant.  Expect I’ll be back for a bottle shop in September.



16 thoughts on “SKIPPING SKIPTON

  1. It’s got to be Timmy Taylors AND going by a) your personal preference in beer and b) the colour, from what I perceive from the photo – it has to be Boltmaker?

    My photos are slow uploading yesterday and today – a problem with WordPress?


      1. It’s not something out of Banks’ Wonderful Wolverhampton Beer Factory is it? Banks (oops Marstons) – “Taking over famous brands and turning them into homologous shite.”

        Pedigree? Mongrels more like it.


  2. It’d be more impressive if you were skipping into Skipton, some gentle exercise to work off the mental cobwebs of a day spent in the salubrious watering holes of Harrogate. Or did a nice cuppa and warm croissant from Betty’s revive you?

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      1. If I remember correctly, there’s a museum of medieval torture in Rothenburg. I spent a bitterly cold December morning walking around the town, without coming upon anything resembling a half decent pub.

        Made up for it when we got to Dinkelsbuhl though!


  3. I was in Skipton on Saturday night and I’m puzzled with the ‘rich pageant’ of GBG. Is that a social club or a doctors’ waiting room? Superb pints of TT various in the unlisted Woolly Sheep, dreadful scummy pint in listed Beer Engine, cracking pint of Moorhouse’s White Witch in unlisted Early Doors micro pub. All a matter of taste I suppose.

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    1. Actually, I’m with you. That “rich pageant” is the variety of places in the GBG. I was surprised the Woolly Sheep lost its place (Spoons was good too),and I think Early Doors is too new. I thought Beer Engine was OK, but that was 2 years ago (that 1 November day it reached 20 degrees !).

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