Merseyrail gives you some real travel bargains. £5.10 (why 10p ?) for all-day trains from the Wirral up to Southport and across to Hunts Cross, whatever that is. That really helps pub tickers who have pubs in Crosby, Aigburth and Garston to tick.

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From the delightful Bootle New Strand, it’s a short hop up to Waterloo, the “Greatest Hits” part of Crosby, home to naked men and one of the best run of Beer Guide pubs in the country (Stamps Too my choice).


Apart from the Seaforth container depot, you get some routine street art,


an exciting boating lake,



and the best sand dunes outside of South Shields (and Formby, of course).


But primarily, you get naked steel men that tourists decorate inappropriately.



I’m not sure if “Another Place” is my favourite Antony Gormley piece (I love “The Couple” statues at Newbiggin) but it pulls in the punters. And their bewildered dogs.

This was my first trip to “The Iron Men” when it hadn’t poured, so I made the most of it, whatever that means. I think the Japanese ladies liked it even more.


Twenty minutes walk along the dunes takes you to the Corner Post, the new Crosby GBG tick, a somewhat less stunning architectural achievement, but homely nonetheless.


And open, not always a given with micros, serving a decent Southport beer (NBSS 3) and full of good cheer.


That guy was laughing at a long anecdote about American tourists who asked how the Scots captured haggis (they’ve one leg shorter than the other, apparently).  Americans aren’t that gullible, are they ?

Five points if you can guess what’s on my raincoat.


The stroll back through residential Crosby to Waterloo station is a mixed bag, with a few architectural gems.


Five marks for naming this back-street classic;


Crosby may not be where the Premiership second tier heads to live, but it looks pretty attractive and unpretentious to me, with the added bonus of a local team called Marine FC  to support.


But then you realise you’re half a mile from Bootle.


  1. Americans are that gullible, but you knew that from reading recent news from the U.S..

    Looks like you were hit by some seagulls!

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  2. Love Formby. Back in the day … when I were a lad … we used to go out and count Marram Grass on the dunes and on the way back we used to call into a pub by the level crossing. If we’d counted enough shoots of the wiry little coloniser we we’re allowed to stop off for a quick pint before catching the train back into L.pool. On occasions, the escapes out to Formby beach was the only thing that kept me sane!

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  3. Great post – I think you’ve done this fine area justice. I stayed in Waterloo earlier this year for a mid-week away day trip to Anfield. I think you’re spot on about it having one of the best runs of GBG pubs in the country. In a mad pre-match dash I managed to visit four micros, both Stamps bars, a Spoons and the ‘Volly’ (which I believe is the back street classic you mentioned above). I only stayed in the area because it was Grand National week and hotels in Liverpool city centre were extortionately priced, but this turned out to be a fortunate stroke and I’d love to go back again next season.

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  4. I can make out the sum total of bugger all from the phot of your reflection in the door of the Corner Post, so I shall guess wildly and say you had sand on your coat.

    Rail fares are generally increased on a percentage basis, hence the loose 10p. I challenge you to find a booking office outside of Lancashire or Cheshire that can issue said ticket for correct cash in less than 20 seconds.

    Even better value is the Merseytravel all zones Safeway ticket which in addition to Merseyrail gives travel on the local trains out of Crime St High Level as far as Newton-le-Willows, Rainford, Garswood and Hough Green, Merseyside buses and the Mersey ferries. All of that for an additional 10p.

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