As if to prove my point about the variety on display in the Wirral (the M53 divide, if you will Leon), my next stop was Liscard.


It is just possible I’m the person who has spent most nights on holiday in Wallasey over recent years, with several Sunday stays in New Brighton and Wallasey Village.

New Brighton has provided half a dozen Beer Guide entries in the last decade, but nothing in Liscard. Until now.

At the end of a row of shuttered-up shops is The Lazy Landlord.


Inevitably, the Lazy Landlord is a micro pub.


More surprisingly, it serves Holt Bitter. From a Draught Bass handpump.


That’s actually all you need in my book. The Higsons memorabilia and cheery banter is  a  bit of a bonus.


I should have had the Holts, of course, but the chap in front went for the Citra so I had to follow suit. It was a wise choice, as cool as you’d hope (NBSS 3.5).


This felt more like a boozer within sight of Everton than a Kent formula micro, and Wirral has always had a good number of proper boozers like this (Exhibit 1 – Stanley’s Cask).

Beee-have”  is the sign you’re near the Mersey.

Bring your egg cartons in please” the sign you’re in a proper pub.

It’s a real pub, not a micro, confirmed by the presence of a cheese and onion batch (£2.30) and some lovely bench seating. I felt very young, mind, with everyone else in their 60s and on pints.

Liscard itself was a surprise.


A tidy pedestrianised shopping centre with a run of value brands including the smallest Primark I’ve ever seen.


The Coronation buildings are the architectural highlight,


though the Spoons has a certain garish appeal.


If it gets in the Beer Guide I’ll be back, but on a lively Sunday afternoon, I gave it a wide berth.



5 thoughts on “LAZY IN LISCARD

  1. Nice report. Found the Lazy Landord very pleasant. I could have sworn the spoons was in last years guide but I must be wrong.
    On my infrequent trips to Liscard they are always digging something up, so glad to see that hasn’t changed.

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  2. I went in Dukes it had Doom Bar on,a decent enough drink,the Claireville is where the large bloke with two mates told me to delete the photo i took of the pub before going in,i checked my photo once it was on my laptop and they were not outside the pub when i took the photo,so only came out to confront me and cause bother.
    I refused to delete it and walked in to get a drink.

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