I’ve a big batch of posts coming up from The North (the real one) that will get me up to date, but before that here’s a quick review of Manic May (not a political reference).

Despite ten straight dry days in the middle, it seems I racked up 59 new Good Beer Guide pubs in May, across 17 different counties.  All that was bookended by two stays in Scotland that contributed half that total, and my 10,000th GBG pub,

And no midges !

You’ll soon see that my month’s highlight was my catch-up with legend and GBG completist Duncan (Pubmeister),though the pub crawl round Worthing with Hitchin John certainly produced the best overnighter of the month,

while the Borders jaunt with Charles produced the most innuendo.


I’ve no idea what Mrs RM has been doing the last month.

New Pubs of the Month – Levenhall Arms, Musselburgh

Two instant classics in Musselburgh, which also had a classic Ghurka curry house.  Better than Edinburgh, almost.  The Levenhall is all I want from a pub, except it’s 300 miles away and doesn’t serve Bass (yet).  The small child knocking her drink over the dominos was the best drama of the year so far.


jointly with the Volunteer Arms (Staggs), also Musselburgh

which was a slightly less tough-edged affair, and more beery, but just as comfortable a pub. And with a Bass mirror.


Beer of the Month – Fuller’s London Pride (Keg), @ the Platform, Southampton

The best cask was the Jarl and Green Devil in the Staggs, but my best beer was the unpasteurised Pride, decanted into a cask glass for extra bubbles.

No cask zealot, me.

The Keg Pride was drinking well

Discovery of the Month – Bellingham, Northumberland

A wonderful border village with great gravestones and a top pub for my 10,000th.

Themes for the Month – crumpled lists, motivational words


June Preview

I don’t know why I bother telling you my plans.  I never really plan.

I’m up in the Wirral tomorrow, on a tour of Southwold with my Sister on Tuesday, before delving into Dorset and probably attempting some Dumfries later in the month. 50 new pubs minimum.

The wonderful Clifford Beer Fest on 24 June is the only fixed point.

Oh, and Melt Banana on Wednesday.

And I nearly got to the end without remembering this one;

17 thoughts on “MAY ’17 STOCKTAKE

  1. Bringing pre emptives and polictics into your blog Martin,
    I went to Hucknall today to pickup a new micro pub,the Byrons Rest,but i went in the Station before that and it is now a Lincoln Green run pub,though probably through Everards,still two separate rooms and a massive choice of beers in each room,i just noted the beers in the bar.
    I walked up the now pedestrianised high street heading towards the Byrons Rest and saw a large crown outside the Library,not being nosey i went into the Byrons Rest and a decent pint of Full Mash Abdication which is brewed quite close to where i live,i noticed loads of people in it with Labour stickers on and heard someone say Jezzer is coming soon,i asked and it was true Jeremy Corbin was turning up soon to do a speech,i had to go to the chippy for fish and a tatoe fritter and then saw him turn up and give a great speech,of which i agreed with full completely,he did’nt rush it and the crowd was pretty big.
    I have never saw any political speech before as i do not really need to being a life long Labour supporter,but it was nice to see.
    There may be two new ones for the future for you in Hucknall.


    1. He was in Cambridge on Thursday, my Mrs couldn’t get in to see him. I never vote for parties, always for the most confident candidate at the hustings I go to. Not a popular approach.

      I’d like to see a new GBG pub in Hucknall, Green Dragon was the last. A proper town with good walks in the old mining area.


      1. I did all open pubs in Liscard last year,most with no real ale,some rough and three big blokes tried to threaten me outside the Clairville Spoons.
        I can only think of one pub in Liscard that would be likely to get into the GBG,the Lazy Landlord.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Is that the Stirling and Fintry shindig,
    It was a brilliant weekend and i can not for the life of me remember where our grown up children were as they were not with us and my daughter was only 16 at the time,i dare not ask the wife where they were.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am loosing track of replies on your blog Martin,
    so many i have trouble finding what i have said.
    I finally got round to seeing your reply to this,we knew they could look after themselves and we did leave some prepared meals,i would like to bet they were down Nottingham drinking,which we have no problem with.

    Liked by 1 person

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