A quick review of a busy April and a look ahead.

Fifty-eight (58) new GBG pubs spread over twelve counties, finishing off the GBG counties of West Midlands (not a county), Norfolk, Surrey and Nottinghamshire.

Alan Winfield may well notice I haven’t yet brought you reports from Notts.  That’s not because the pubs are dreadful, just a reflection on how far behind I am with posts.

Here’s a sneak preview of a future post; I bet Alan can guess the pub.


Despite my bugbear about too many pumps, beer quality was often excellent in April, with an unprecedented three scores of NBSS 4.5 given.

To the awards.

New Pub(s) of the MonthQueens Arms, Cowden Pound & Bob Inn, Chorley

A basic National Inventory gem and a bar in a market, both with a sense of community to  make you wish you lived in a pub.

Queen’s Arms, Cowden Pound
Bob Inn, Chorley Market

Beer of the MonthOakham Citra at the Live & Let Live, Cambridge

Just edging a supreme Pedigree in Welford, the Citra enjoyed during lunchtime at Fenners was a reminder about the strength in depth of the Mill Road pubs.


Discovery of the Month Knott End & Fleetwood (joint bid )

I had a great time in Fleetwood over Easter, taking in the Wyre Rose ferry to Knott End and its classic WMC, which was almost as cosy as the Royal Oak.


Royal Oak, Fleetwood

Some classic banter in pubs during the month, some of which I heard.

Of course, the highlight of the month was meeting bloggers Paul Bailey, and Tom, Simon and Bernard, the UK’s premier pub-ticking trio (album of Tigers singalongs released on Ronco in May).

Outrage of the month was the handled jam jars in Morecambe.


May Preview

Big trips to Mussleburgh (Sunday), Dorset, Thanet and Matlock. Plus Hergest Ridge.

And a lot more blog posts 🙂

7 thoughts on “APRIL ’17 STOCKTAKE

  1. The micro pub you visited Martin is the Abdication which is almost opposite the old Home Ales brewery gates,it would have been better to get rid of the gates and keep Home Ales brewing.
    I found the Abdication to be a friendly micro,but they all are.
    Late reply due to problems booking tickets on National Express to London,i have no printer or smart phone so i am unable to get discounted tickets anymore,i have made loads of complaints to them,when modern technologie interferes with my travel plans i get pretty *issed off,i never got the 50% discount for my trip but i will never get a smart phone as my £9.99 phone from Argus suits my needs.
    Also been sorting my early pension things out which is time consuming but all done now and we will be better off next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good luck sorting out the pension.

      I’ll be posting on the Abdication soon. Look forward to your next post Alan, whether Bridgnorth or something else.

      NB My 5th pub tomorrow will be my 10,000th Beer Guide pub.


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