Or Opening Times (2).

I knew it wouldn’t be long.  Two weeks into the new Beer Guide cycle and my first pub that wasn’t open when all indications were that it would be.

  • Beer Guide says Wednesday Open 12-2
  • WhatPub says Wednesday Open 12-2
  • Their own website says Wednesday Open 12-2
  • The sign in the pub window says Wednesday Open 12-2

It was closed at 1.30pm.  We even called at 1pm to check and there was no answer, but that’s not unusual.

I walked off in a huff.

Mrs RM said “Get over yourself (southern expression), you’re going all Victor Meldrew in your old age“.  I’ve never even seen Only Fools and Horses, so can’t comment.  I’ll accept petulant and childish.

Mrs RM strides off on the road to nowhere

The problem is, I’ll need to come back,and it’s not like it’s an exciting place like Cumbernauld or anything. Mrs RM won’t be coming back to this dull, dull village, which I now invite you to guess from the clues below.  I think the pub name is obvious.






If he’d played at Plough Lane, Kreka or Ildico might have called him this.

Tom will get the answer right.

More ranting here.  And more here.

Pub adventurers like Mr Everitt and myself will need to get used to a lot more of this,I’m afraid. Quite a few pubs are reserving the right to open and close when they feel like it. All I’d ask is  “Say what you do, and do what you say”.






8 thoughts on “I DON’T BELIEEEVE IT !!

  1. I figured the hidden post was Tom’s correct answer. Dave confirmed that after I posted. A day late and a dollar short?


  2. I’d never have got place but feel your pain, having had so many experiences like this since BRAPA began.

    It should be socially acceptable to grafitti pub or throw heavy stones in this instance.


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