One of the best posts I’ve read this year was Simon Everitt’s account of his pointless trip to Birdwell in March, a pub shut despite every indication to the contrary. He’s young enough to see the funny side.

I had one GBG pub left to do in Wiltshire tonight, and made my accommodation arrangements to take advantage of the 6X in Corsley’s Cross Keys.

It’s shut

The Beer Guide says it’s open all day Sunday, their website says it’s open all day, their blackboard just gives food times (12-4) and there’s no opening times on display.  I phoned but got no answer.


Two locals walked by and expressed surprise that it was shut. I hung around until 7pm and then gave up. Clearly this is a restaurant that wishes to close once the diners have left.

Just how difficult is it to display your opening times ? Ifsomething terrible has happened, I sincerely apologise.

Rant over,  unfortunately I need to return.

Update – thanks to Pub Curmudgeon who’s tracked down that it’s closed, a fact not known to the villagers I spoke to, or indicated by the board outside advertising meals 


  1. You bring up a good point. As people who travel a long way to visit pubs we do a lot of research on the opening hours. It is extremely difficult to find reliable opening times. We understand that the money is made off of repeat visitors, but those of us who travel to visit could increase a pubs revenue by quite a bit. It would really make a lot of sense to post the hours and especially holiday hours. England is bad, Belgium worse and German impossible.


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