Just back from the End of the Road Festival to find the Beer Guide still not delivered.  I am surprisingly calm, considering.

Two people on a bench dreaming about the Good Beer Guide

The return to a world of internet is quite a shock, as was the arrival of “Craft” at End of the Road, a music festival that eschews an excess of modernity.  On my first visit in 2011 the festival house beer was Shep Neame’s Late Red, now it’s from Milk Street.

A cultural outrage

Beavertown arrived this year in their own little craft den in a classically styled garden.  I’ve enjoyed their beers at music venues before, but largely in cans for a fiver. Getting to taste the range on draft in the sun rain was a highlight of the Festival, particularly for Mrs RM.

The launch on Friday was a bit of a let-down, big queues of fan-boys but no beer till well after 1pm due to “technical issues“, and only a couple of beers on draft.  Mrs RM resorted to cans of Black Betty before I admonished her for that lapse in good taste.

Mrs RM on the falling-over juice

Things picked up on the Saturday as whatever techie issues they had were resolved, the new Lupuloid IPA was launched, and the staff became rather more chatty about their beers (and the bands).  A few punters were notably taken back at the £6 price tag, but with Summer Lightning at a fiver they weren’t bad value (by festival standards).

She’s upset about the spelling mistake on the pump

I don’t do beer tasting, but the new Lupaloid was superb and I was happy to leave Mrs RM on the Betty,  as we made the biggest contribution to Tottenham’s economy since Adele went shopping for books of swear words.


  1. Technical issues? I thought the whole thing about keg was how much easier to handle it is than cask!

    And what’s this about you not doing beer tasting?


    1. Absolutely. Someone said they couldn’t work the tills. I’ll let them put their own side of the story. To be fair I doubt their staff were too happy the first say.

      I meant I can’t describe beers. Like Mrs RM we were saying “this is their Punk IPA”,this is like that Cloudwater etc. Beer peasants.


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