I’ve been wanting to get to know Tottenham better for a while.  Trips to White Hart Lane seem to coincide with torrential rain, a flood of goals, and the sense that there isn’t much there, at least till you reach Seven Sisters. Predictably, I was met at Tottenham Hale by a downpour. And a bit of ancient-looking street art.


Tottenham hasn’t had much pubby to shout about for a while; in fact the Wetherspoons is the only thing to drag me this way in two decades, and even the Gilpin’s Bell can’t get in the Guide now (and it’s been sold).

I reckon the Beavertown Tap Room is worth a trip out with Mrs RM, but even if their wonderful beer was real the Tap isn’t getting in the Beer Guide with opening hours of Saturday 2-8. Mind you Sixpenny Hadley isn’t open much longer.

The Bruce – more N17 keg glory

I wish I could bring you exciting pictures of multicultural Tottenham High Road, but even I have my limits. Luckily, new GBG entry the Beehive is a gem.

Not just because of it’s gorgeous “Brewer’s Tudor” style, but as a genuine community local able to accommodate professional drinkers, beer tourists  and mums due to its multi-roomed layout.  I often comment on how difficult it is to find somewhere I want to sit; here I was spoilt for choice. Only the beermats were missing.

The overall look is unmodernised, except for a craft-friendly beer range with a decent Pale from local Redemption (NBSS 3). That apart, it could almost be a Blackpool Sam Smiths pub,which is meant as high praise.

Of course you wouldn’t hear Blondie’s Atomic in a Sam Smiths pub.  Very 1980.


12 thoughts on “TOTTENHAM’S BEEHIVE

  1. The Beehive looks a great pub, I wonder why it has only attained GBG status this year? Perhaps the local CAMRA branch has been taken over by hirsute chaps of a certain age and the tattooed hipsters have been eased out?

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      1. Used to be a superb old school local called the Mariner just a couple of streets away from the Bispham, sold some of the best John Smith’s I’ve ever tasted. Watched a guy in full Klingon battle gear, with one of the thickest Mancunian accent’s I’ve ever heard, try to chat up a barmaid in there about 20 years ago. Unfortunately burnt down a decade or so ago.


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