I finished the Cheshire Guide entries at the weekend, and the county’s new GBG pubs were as varied as you could hope.  There was a clutch of entries south of Northwich, many with the irksome opening hours that Beer Guide tickers love so much.

I seem to have missed Moulton off my travels, and I doubt even the charms of The Lion will have folk beating a path along the A533. Moulton reminded me of works villages like Gin Pit in Astley, which also had a real community pub. While Gin Pit’s club did Holts, the Lion had a rather more ambitious range.

Great frontage, great stare, rubbish glass

What stood out is the presence of beer locals would know (Landlord and Jennings), but I took a punt on the Merlin’s (Arthur pint as the Landlord noted), and judged it beer of the day (NBSS 3.5).

After a few too much pretension lately, this was a proper Friday night experience, complete with cheese club, moody looking youths and Rugby League on TV.

Local Pub of the Year, and rightly so on this show. Shame about the jam jars though.


  1. Old school Tetley/Allied Breweries lettering there, I see 🙂

    Not a fan of jam jars of whatever size, and also surely potentially unhygienic. If it matters that much to people, put the beers on a blackboard with a 1-5 colour scale.


  2. I find the jam jars very funny. My motto is “beers are like people; don’t judge them by their color.” The jam jars almost seem to encourage drinking the same style beer all the time. I cringe every time I hear someone say “I don’t like dark beers.”


  3. For an attempt on the quiz: is that a camera on a table to be used in a demonstration? The background could be either a tabletop or the carpet. I am not sure what the rectangular thing is. It does not look like a cellphone.


      1. If I were headed to Bewdley and the beers you had the pleasure of having today, I would probably forget more than that. I do not think I would have guessed rugby.


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