Mrs RM and I are in London for a powerboat trip down the Thames I kindly received as a retirement present. The trip to Cropton brewery later this year feels safer.


Later we intend to do justice to Jeff Bell’s new venture in Euston, but for our pre-trip lunch we’re testing the cuisine at it’s sister pub.

The Waterloo Tap is tiny, smaller than the average micropub I’ve been to this year. Given that, the beer range is astonishing, but the Euston one seems to thrive on the same model.

Mrs RM surprisingly didn’t go for the strongest, perhaps because the electronic beer boards are hard to read at our age. Her keg Vetlebror was “tremendous“, and cheaper than it would have been in Norway.

No idea why I went for the Blackjack Pale this far south, but it was served at an ideal temperature in contrast to recent London experiences.

Lovely staff, keen to chat beer.


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