Not sure the strong beers in Waterloo Tap were a good way to warm up for the powerboat trip along the Thames, but our stomachs just about survived.


Only (!) 35mph along the Thames, but incredibly bumpy and more fun than much of Thorpe Park.  The hail and lightning added to the theatre.

Tourist sights apart, it’s also a great way to see the many riverside pubs of Limehouse and Bermondsey. Thames Rockets are very highly recommended.

As is Jeff Bell’s new home in Woburn Walk, across the road from Euston station. I used to end up at Woburn Tandoori in the Walk after a session in what was the Firkin pub.

The more refined Mrs RM went to UCL and vaguely remembered a dingy hotel bar here in the 90s, so was particularly impressed with the Hare’s cosy styling.


It’s a different proposition from sister pubs the Euston or Waterloo Taps,  feeling much more pubby despite a tighter beer range.

A few local workers popped in while we were there for a pint. Redemption at £3.40/Harveys at £3.60 is competitive pricing, particularly in a smartish place like this. Solo drinkers do help make a place feel more like a pub than a brasserie.

Mrs RM had a Harvey’s (NBSS 4), Siren (NBSS 3.5) and that Adnams keg that divided opinion, too bubbly for me.

As an admirer of Jeff’s pub in Clerkenwell, I’m pleased to see cellarmanship standards high here already. A beer range of four, one well known and all from reliable breweries, is good to see too. Helpful blackboard too.

The food (chilli squid and burger) was good too, though apparently Jeff has changes planned here. Presumably the proper plates and simple menu style will be retained. The kitchen closes during the afternoon, which did catch out a few tourists.


Mrs RM (and my sister) can tell a good beer from the head. That’s a good head.

Visiting at 3pm weekday gives you a particular perspective on a central London pub. I’ll pop back on an evening to see if it can keep the balance it seems to have.


  1. £3.60 for a 4% beer is par for the course in many pubs in central Manchester and the more prosperous Southern suburbs – and probably less than Brunning & Price would charge in Cheshire.

    Looks good – nice little alcoves of bench seating.


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