I had no reason to break my train journey in Goole today but I did.  Mrs RM may very well have turned down the opportunity.  In the ’90s I made her stop there, en route back from Hull and Driffield, more times than is strictly necessary, in the pursuit of the mysteries of Goole Fields.

It looked the best I’ve ever seen it, I’m pleased to say.  There’s a Premier Inn nearby now, so they must get the occasional tourist. Quite why anyone on their way to Spurn Head or Bridlington would need to break their journey here I’ve no idea.

The docks area in Old Goole looked gorgeous in the Spring sunshine, and fans of industrial architecture will be well rewarded.  I’ve never been here when the Waterways Museum was open but will one day.



The pubs in Old Goole don’t even feature on WhatPub, and to be fair even I chickened out from paying them a visit, even with a Bass lamp on the Middle House.  The traditional housing in this part of town looks tidy enough though.

The new town lacks great architecture following pedestrianisation of the shopping streets.  You have to go to Aire Street to find a clutch of attractive buildings, including famed biker pub the Macintosh Arms (sadly closed due to fire). If anyone has stayed at the Royal Hotel I’d love to hear from you (DJ till 3am if it makes a difference).


The centre is spick and span at best, with a lot of discount and hardware shops, and not much sign of independent enterprise yet.  The main change since my last trip is the Drake Real Ale Bar, part of a smart looking hotel complex, but just a bit too clinical looking for me.

Only the Wetherspoons has been sporadically in the Beer Guide in recent years, and it’s not one of their gems, externally at least. Inside, it’s pleasantly boisterous, with a superb half of Titanic’s Plum Porter (NBSS 3.5), my third this year.


As with Hull, there’s a fair amount of attractive old buildings left to rot, so a great place to launch a micropub (perhaps).

Perhaps it was just the sun, but I really enjoyed the wander along the waterside.  Next time I’m up here I might even do Swinefleet.

12 thoughts on “GOOLE – AN APPRECIATION

  1. Some of Hull City’s most ‘interesting’ fans live in Goole, the Gooligans!

    I went to the Mackintosh a while ago. Very good and had some strange little holes in the ceiling. Can’t remember why.

    Pubs not onWhatpub?! They must be a bit dodgy. I agree that Spoons is quite average.


    1. Macintosh bikers were called Hairy Goolies 😉
      I think CAMRA branches who don’t survey the scary keg pubs should lose their Spoons vouchers or something.

      I had a dreadful pint in Goole Sooons years ago but the Titanic was faultless.


  2. Ive only done one pub in Goole,the Great Eastern which is next to the train station,we had no intention of doing a pub in Goole but on our way back from Beverley where some of our family live,the train line from Hull to Goole was shut due to works on the line.
    The landlord was friendly and let our two teenagers in with us for a drink,no real ales only John Smiths smooth crap,but better that waiting on the station.
    It is on my list to do properly at some point.


    1. Thanks for commenting Alan. I did wonder if you’d been there as a fairly good train line.

      There’s quite a few pubs left, mostly no real ale, and I would think they’re more like the one you visited than restaurant-pubs, so could be good. I’d wait till Macintosh Arms reopens as that was always an excellent pub.


  3. Your dedication to visiting England’s unloved towns really does need to applauded!

    The problem with scary keg pubs is not so much that you will be attacked, but that your very presence raises the question as to what you are doing there, which creates a bit of tension.

    Any pub that might plausibly attract a casual customer should be OK.

    There are maybe about ten pubs within the Stockport MBC area which I have never visited, but none left where the reason is that they were too scary.


    1. As you also seem to know Mudge, nowhere is without merit ! Actually, I’ll revisit that statement after Wythenshawe.

      Agree on scary. Never seen violence, but been conscious that my presence unexpected, particularly when i turned up after work in a suit ! Chaplins at Elephant & Castle springs to mind. Bet no-one else from Dept of Health ever went in there.


  4. I have have done hundreds of pubs that most pub visitors would consider scary,it does not bother me i will go into any pub however bad it looks.
    I disagree with the opinion that if you visit a keg only pub you are going to beaten up as soon as you go into it,i have never been beaten up while doing my pub crawling and i do try and do some of what most people would consider the roughest pubs in the country,i have done all pubs in Wythenshawe including the Black Boy with no problems,the roughest areas i have visited are North Manchester which borders onto Salford,Salford in general and North Nottingham.
    I would like to know what the 12 pubs you have not been in Stockport MBC i am pretty sure i would have done them at some point as i have pretty much covered the Stockport MBC area.


    1. Putting together a quick list, they are (including only pubs currently open):

      Beech Tree, Heald Greem
      Greyhound, Bredbury
      Harvester, Offerton
      Marple Tavern, Marple
      Queens Arms, Bredbury
      Railway, Woodley
      Remedy, Stockport
      Romiley Arms, Romiley
      Spinning Top, Stockport
      Woodley Arms, Woodley

      I may have missed one or two.

      Remedy and Spinning Top are ones I will probably visit on a branch pub crawl at some point; the others are mostly in High Peak Branch and I don’t really think I’m missing much. I tried to visit the Spinning Top on two separate occasions but found it closed. The Marple Tavern is the only one I have never even set eyes on.

      I have never been personally attacked or threatened in a pub, but I have been barracked on a few occasions. I have witnessed a number of fights, though, including ones where the police were called.


  5. I am sure i left a long comment about rough pub but it seems to have gone,not sure if i posted it right or it was wrong for this blog.


    1. You did Alan. It only appears once I’ve approved it (just done) which i can’t do while travelling.

      Good point by the way. Have a look at Pub Curmudgeons latest blog post – comment about Wythenshawe.


  6. I have done
    Queens Arms, Bass on 7 March 1998
    Greyhound, Robinsons 7 March 1988
    Harvester, Greenalls 28 March 1998
    Railway,Robinsons 13 January 1999
    Romily Arms,Robinsons 7 March 1998

    I have done five pubs in Woodley but not been in a Woodley Arms,the same goes for the Marple Tavern,ive done most pubs in the town but have not heard of that one.
    I have also not heard of the Spinning Top and Remedy in Stockport.

    I dont know if the Cherry Tree in Romily is still open but that would be a good contender for a rough pub.

    I do have photos off all pubs i listed.

    Thanks for replying Alan


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