As Simon Everitt discusses in his BRAPA blog, planning pub visits is half the fun.  But while annotated A-Zs and WhatPub map functions are fine, there’s nothing as rewarding as tracking down a pub that doesn’t want to be found with just an out-of-date Ordnance Survey map.

Take a bow, The Wrong Turn in Barfrestone in deepest Kent.

Often the difficulty only arises because of odd addresses; the Rising Sun in Altarnun turned out to be nowhere near that tiny Cornwall village.  The restrictions on signage in picturesque towns and villages is also an issue.


The Wrong Turn isn’t marked on OS map, being a recent conversion of what looks like an out building. I didn’t mind the 30 minutes search, or the 30 minute walks from Shepherdswell station though, as the whole thing looks like a plot to avoid being found.


Once you realise Pie Factory Road is a real, if unmarked road, you get one of the most pub-like micros yet, in an atmosphere close to the Margate micro by the Turner.

And the beer was excellent too, at the micro-pub format adhered too – 3 localish ales all at £3.  With more daylight you could walk to the Carpenters Arms at Coldred too; a good companion for the Wrong Turn.

At least you were open when you said you would be.


  1. Great find! I had heard about the perils of finding this Pub. I might need to move to Kent for a decade actually for BRAPA.

    Are you learning to love Micros a bit more now?? They seem quite varied in terms of quality. Loved Beer in Hand in Hereford but not many have come close to that level.


    1. Not my thing, though the one in Worthing just about to write up was great. Bit like a houseparty, and I’m Jona Lewie (must use that line).

      Beer in Hand best so far, felt like a pub you could hide in !


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