Having eulogised about the Manchester Beer festival,  I should have expected a slightly frosty reception on my return home from Mrs RM, who is three weeks into Dryanuary (and Chocolatefreeanuary which is worse).

To compensate, I drove her to Leicester today, ostensibly to take our youngest son to a refurbished skatepark; you can see that refurbishment here:-


Three hours gave us chance to show Mrs RM the city’s improving street art, and some revived civic pride around the Richard III theme.

Sadly, the Ale Wagon doesn’t open until Sunday evening, so Leicester’s most “characterful” pub wasn’t available, but Mrs RM wasn’t walking past BrewDog anyway.

Her plan was to go for a flight of the strong beers.  However, a lack of food made this a very bad idea and she settled for halves of Jackhammer and Ska Brewing’s Modus Hoperandi.  To be frank I needed another day off the beer, although the Jackhammer she wafted in front of me smelled great.  Their soft drinks are better than most anyway.

I really missed their burgers though, the best I’ve tried in any chain.  This seemed to be a Sunday issue, as there were plenty of adverts for special food evenings.  Leicester was very quiet, and it took the arrival of a group of four to stop the BrewDog feeling empty.

Mrs RM enjoyed her beers, and I got out without her seeing the attached bottle shop which was good.  BrewDog isn’t cheap by Sam Smiths standards, but I’ll defend their beers to the death of craft, and the lone staff member was really friendly, a feature of their bars.  Decent music too.

Feeling unadventurous, we found a burger and beer combo in Byron.  I couldn’t fault that either, and a half of Camden Hells showed that even the mega-corps can produce good beer these days.

Lots to admire on the walk back having avoided the shiny Highcross shops. If the Foxes do make the Champions League (no way) the Dortmund and Juventus fans will find much to enjoy.

On my recent visit I’d discovered St Martin’s Coffee House, a rare independent capable of serving a hot coffee.  It also has better seating than many pubs, and yesterday I even noticed a barrel of Langton served from the barrel.  A winner.


  1. Interesting to see the use of an oversize glass in a BrewDog bar.

    Do I take it this means that Mrs RM has brought Dry January to a premature conclusion? 😉


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