While in Brighton I was lured into a pub I’d been in before, which is quite a testament to the attraction of a boozer at dusk. The Mitre at the top of North Laine isn’t by any means the only traditional-looking pub in the City, which seems to value pub heritage better than some.

The Mitre just looked perfect for a 4pm pint.  Through the window I could see what we now call mature drinkers, plenty of bench seating and tables for solo drinkers, TV snooker on mute, and no food.


Inside it was better than I remembered, possibly reflecting a quieter clientele than later in the evening.  From the usual Harveys range I enjoyed a Best as good as I’ve tasted since the Gunmakers (NBSS 3.5).  There’s some gorgeous pubs in the Sussex Downs but few with Harveys as rich and full-bodied as I tasted here.

I read 30 pages of “Free Country“, but my attention constantly wandered to nearby discussions about racing, TV and white goods. I even enjoyed the company of a pork-scratching fixated canine. So good was the atmosphere, I almost stayed for an Old.

I was going to catch the train to Lewes to visit a free house, but I need to make a night of it and revisit the Harveys pubs there, and there’s a great Chinese takeaway near the Lewes Arms.

9 thoughts on “HARVEY’S AT ITS BEST

  1. An excellent post, Martin. I don’t know the Mitre, although I do know the Lord Nelson; Harvey’s other pub in Brighton.

    I think you are right to take a more leisurely approach to Lewes and its pubs. The town is one of my favourites, and I have fond memories of the place, having worked there, in a previous existence, for three and a half years. (The daily commute was a bit of a nightmare though!) I must try and get back down there and revisit some of my old haunts.

    ps I think you should have stayed for a glass of Old. It is really good this year!


  2. Enjoyed reading that Martin, the very first pub I did with BRAPA in mind. Incredibly down to earth, and the ‘no food’ factor makes it a winner with me!


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