Tonight, dear readers, I’m staying in lovely Chesterfield at Flags Lodge. The recent GBG pub across the road is bustling, and offers Draught Bass and Hartington IPA. Somehow, I have resisted. But a week ago I couldn’t resist the Hopwas Social Club, 2 miles walk from my Lichfield Premier Inn. Such is the life of… Continue reading HOPWAS – WORTH THE HOP


  On to my last Staffordshire GBG pub. The Hednesford Ex-Servicemens Club joins the similarly social Bridge which you might remember so delighted me last year.  My preparatory reading tells me that; “The club plays host to many sports teams including darts, dominoes, bowls, snooker and pool. A pigeon flying club is also based at… Continue reading “ONE ALE’S PLENTY, NUMBER TWENTY”