Tonight, dear readers, I’m staying in lovely Chesterfield at Flags Lodge. The recent GBG pub across the road is bustling, and offers Draught Bass and Hartington IPA. Somehow, I have resisted.

But a week ago I couldn’t resist the Hopwas Social Club, 2 miles walk from my Lichfield Premier Inn. Such is the life of a ticker.

A first ever trip to Hopwas, just catching the sun setting on the Coventry Canal.

Black & White world
Competing with micros for GBG attention

For once, the promised Bass was actually on. Who in their right mind would have the Wye Valley ?

Ooh, I dunno.

Clubs are making a comeback in the Guide this year, at least a dozen of the blighters.

On the one hand, it’s peak Carling bloke.

On the other, they all look the same.

And you’ll always take the last seat that means you’re in the way of blokes with pool cues.

Watford on the telly again

And there’s always Watford on the telly, rather than Hull or Birmingham.

So how on earth does it get in the Beer Guide without any beers you haven’t heard of.

I guess decent beer at bargain prices ?

Oh, and free sausage rolls.

And a Wolves fan taunting a Villa fan about Tammy Abraham “Come to the Villa and we’ll give you free pies“.

And a baby shower next door that prompted a joke I can’t repeat.

Works for me.

25 thoughts on “HOPWAS – WORTH THE HOP

  1. I’ve not been there and was tempted not to ready beyond the first picture as the post couldn’t get much better than that! Great photos as they really encapsulate social club life!!! Blues rarely on the box is good though as proper kick off times as opposed to Friday Leeds!


  2. I’ve yet to see a photo of a social club that made me think, “Now there’s a place I’ve got to visit before I die.” But in this one’s defense, I’ll say: hats off to them for having three pump clips side by side that all look as if they are made of steel, or at least high-quality plastic. 😉

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  3. Is this re-opening the CAMRA discount v choice debate? Essentially you can get in the GBG if there is a suitable discount/cheap prices with a short, plain and ordinary range of beers as opposed to a broad, more modern curation of ales.

    Personally I am a fan of clubs and realise the majority of regular club goers prefer to drink ‘what they know’ and ‘what they like’, although the downside to this is that most folk will tend to drink what they always have done and not experiment … ‘Oh No. We don’t want any of that!’


    1. Yes, indeed, the majority of regular club goers prefer to drink ‘what they know’ and ‘what they like’ very much like the majority of regular pub goers prefer to drink ‘what they know’ and ‘what they like’, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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      1. No, definitely nothing wrong. But. I have a mantra I have always used that goes – ‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got’. Like if someone hand’t messed around with a bit of clay and dried it in a fire we would still be living in wattle and daub built houses.


      2. And I wasn’t meaning to suggest that there’s anything wrong with trying loads of different beers which is what I was doing most of my life until two years ago when I found myself drowning in a sea of grapefruit murk.
        If we were all still living in wattle and daub built houses our towns wouldn’t be plagued by dreadful 1960s Brutalist architecture. .

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      1. You’re gradually compiling a list here: mainstream beers, cheap or discounted beer, seating, glassware esp. no Ladies glasses. And looking at many of your images, often very few customers. If they are indeed open or adhering two any advertised opening times.

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  4. “Black & White world”

    And green with envy.

    “On the other, they all look the same.”

    Carling will do that to you.

    “Oh, and free sausage rolls.”

    Not bloody vegan I hope.

    “Works for me.”

    The map (poster?) below says “260 miles – 240 locks”. All very good but how many canal side pubs?


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  5. Almost missed this one. We’ve been to Hopwas on many occasions, but only ever been to the Tame Otter (previously The Chequers) and the Red Lion. Although, on our last visit we did cross the river to visit The Fox in Coton for the first time! We’ve never been tempted by the social club, though.

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