April 2023.

Rye is a great base for pubs in all directions (except south. No idea what’s south), and has wonderful walks west through the nature reserve to Winchelsea.

One lesser-known footpath takes you through fields full of pebbles, past the meteorite that flattened the nascent East Sussex micropub movement in 1478.

The ducks took it all in their stride.

My first visit to Winchelsea town since we got the caravan, and I’ve never been to a GBG pub there either.

Almost a rival to Fordwich as smallest town, it really is Rye in miniature, a gorgeous little place on a hill with imposing gates.

No obvious visitors at all, which is odd.

I imagined that folk came to look for the inscription on Spike Milligan’s headstone in the churchyard,

Apparently the line in Irish is “I told you I was ill”. Learn something every day.

Lovely church, austere looking pub. Shame the New Inn is closed.

Oh, I’m sure I saw movement.

I did !

Hadn’t planned on having a pint (day off) so I asked the barmaid what non-alcoholic options she had.

“Peroni, Old Speck..”.

“Oh, I’ll have a Harvey’s then please”.

And some Tayto’s. Don’t see them often.

Now, any pub with a sign saying “Enter as strangers, leave as friends” is asking for trouble, but it’s on a piano, so I forgive it.

The Harvey’s was cool and well presented (3+), the London overspill banter between 4 mates was warm and charming and contained the word “plunge pool”.

I really warmed to the New Inn. Decent prices, nice staff, the sachets of mustard a year out of date to enhance conditioning, the music ’90s naff.

I’ll be back.

As I walked down the hill, two gentlefolk stood on the corner.

“Bye bye darling”

“See you soon””


“Kiss kiss”


      1. Gealic is Irish
        There is Scotts Gealic and Irish Gealic which are relatrd but not mutually understandable In Ireland asking if you speak Irish would often be phrased”do you have the Gealic”
        In case your wondering my email adress is a slightly mispelt Welsh Villsge outside Pontypridd near the GBG Llanwonno Inn

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      1. It was at half-time during an Inter Milan vs. Manchester United Champions League match.

        Just add it to the list of things for which football is answerable. Or television for that matter.


      1. Reminds me of the Oscar Peterson in the North East tale.

        “But I’m Oscar Peterson”

        “Why, a div’n care if ya’r Russ Conway, nahbody plays that piannah!”

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  1. I’ve walked past this pub a few times, by the way. One of those places that look great from the outside, but inside, it is more like an eatery than a pub. Reminds me I’m overdue for a visit to that area again.


  2. Winchelsea is wonderful little town. The Museum is worth a visit with all the Winchelsea Corporation and Cinque Port regalia. Definitely worth a stroll as is much of the surrounding area. Not been to the New Inn yet.

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