April 2023.

If January is the cruellest month for Pub Men, with Dryanuary and unexpected micro closing times, then April is when tickers really get into gear. Only today I hear of GBG pros who have ticked off 100 pubs this month already. Half of them in Preston, no doubt.

And April is when Pub men head to the home counties; my map marks out Harry Potter land in Watford and the no less magical CAMRA land in St Albans.

In contrast Berkhamsted, gateway to the Chilterns and Aylesbury’s estate pubs, has quieter joys, many of them on the award winning Charles Clark Notice Board.

In surveys, 107% of Berkhamsted residents are “excited” or “very excited” about the coronation,

and all of them live in the 1684 almshouses, a “guift” of John Sayer Esq.

John probably lived in a house like this,

and read from the King James version here;

I’m guessing he didn’t drink at the George (top), a new Guide tick pressing its Proper Pub credentials with designer mobility scooter at the door, though inside it’s very “Home Counties Refurbished”.

Identify the painting for a mystery prize.

Yes, it’s Life After Football in the Hen & Chickens last Friday.

Now, the staff in the George were really lovely, the Wadworth’s 6X nicely presented,

and the pub packed with history.

That Morris 8 can still be seen on the back roads around Hemel Hempstead every Sunday.

Contemporary soundtrack, too.

though most Berkonians (?) prefer the sounds of Welsh mid-80s punk.

Of course, despite the welter of contemporary bistros lining the High Street, it’s the mysterious Tooth Club that brings revellers out from Tring on Thursday.

And you all know the first rule of Tooth Club…..


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