April 2023.

Enough of the holiday snaps. Perhaps I’ll put the photos of risotto, Saint Theresa and bus tickets on my Instagram.

Back home from Skopje, the mid-stay barriers opened for us first time for a change and were home in Sheffield 3 hours later. Unfortunately that meant 3am, and we had to be up at 8am for dentist appointments.

As any of you who are trained dentists will know, the best way to clean your teeth is with a pint of cask conditioned beer. Not only is the University Arms the closest GBG pub to Occudental, it’s also a mere 6 minutes walk from the Octagon Centre where next week CAMRA will be debating (checks AGM papers) geographical boundaries, whether the newsletter is printed or e-mailed, and whether pubs displaying model railways should be excluded from Cider Pub of the Year awards.

The last time I visited the Uni pub was also when we’d been in the Octagon for a graduation ceremony last year, when it was packed with proud parents and embarrassed graduates.

A bit different today.

The Uni Arms might not be top of delegates Must Visit list but it’s rather gorgeous in its own way and has a pretty impressive array of local beers,

including the “new” Pale Rider.

Now, I can’t say I’ve been blown away by the Rider on its return, but this was cool and crisp and rich (NBSS 3.5) and only the quietness of the pub (“White Wedding” was playing but you know what I mean) dampened my enjoyment.

Go on, give it a go. They do chip butties, you know.


  1. “As any of you who are trained dentists will know, the best way to clean your teeth is with a pint of cask conditioned beer.”

    And just think, in a few years you’ll be able to leave your teeth soaking in one while you get on with something else…😉

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  2. Welcome back to the UK. Whilst you have been away, the GBG has been shaken to its core by its inclusion of an Essex pub which displays racist dolls. Good to see swift action on this matter by CAMRA.

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  3. You mean that there was/is a factory for Henderson’s Relish?

    I thought that miles of racks of it had simply been discovered in the basements of the ancient steel mills – as vintage châteaux sometimes are in French castles – but that the recipe was long lost in the mists of time.


    1. The factory for HP Sauce, “Wilson’s gravy”, wasn’t half a mile from the Bartons Arms until sixteen years ago.
      That’s one of Brum’s thousand trades gone.

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