March 2023.

I didn’t know what to expect from Kosovo, but I wasn’t counting on crafty cat cafes in Pristina.

Our apartment was just across the road from the main pedestrianised boulevard of Mother Teresa, between park and national stadium.

The most obvious sight are the minarets of mosques in a largely Albanian Muslim,

but the street art comes a very close second.

The reliable Rate Beer comes up with a few options for the craft beer essential to any cultural visit, and Dit ‘ e nat is high on the list.

I thought it was a Kosovan version of a famous Manchester curry cafe, but apparently not so.

Now, there are three (3) things that may attract your attention as you walk in.

Mrs RM nearly walked out when she saw this,

Dave may well be focused on this poster from Dylan’s lesser-known “cat in the hat” period.

while I went straight for the feline on the bar.

I think some folk come here just to stroke the pub cat, others to stretch a macchiato out over 3 hours while using the Wi-Fi,

and only the odd tourist to drink beer before 6pm.

2,50 euros your half litre of Peja in old codgers mug.

Frankly, the coffee and cheesecake were the stars in a cheery place that looked transported from Clifton or Chorlton.

And I guess there’s worse places to model your cat cafe on.


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