27th March 2023.

One last post before the big March highlights package, with a twist to come.

I’ve been encouraging Mrs RM out of the house and onto the big hills of Sheffield, in practise for the Proper Day Out in Brum on the 14th.

We made it as far as Weston Park and the edge of student land;

when Mrs RM suddenly said “What’s the Beehive ?”.

Vast student pub, you’d hate it“.

Oh look, they’ve got Doom Bar on. You can add it to your Official CAMRA tour.

And before I could argue she was in.

Yes, my first visit to the Beehive, a Proper Student Bar on West Street, with all the things Studentz like,

including “Roxanne” and “Echo Beach” on the HiFi and 4 different sports on 4 TVs.

4 beers too, and I could have Doom Bar with a burger for £6 from a rather makeshift menu.

Mrs RM stumbled, picking the wine with the meal deal and then staring jealously at the bargain sours.

Sorry, Sourz. These are studentz, with cutting-edge music choices.

Is it really always 1981 with students, or is that Sheffield ?

Mind, I went in a pub IDENTICAL to this in studenty Plymouth last year and they were playing U2.

Then the Brass Monkey was in the GBG; the Beehive will NEVER make the Beer Guide, though the Doom was just about good enough to, though it hadn’t attracted many punters in on a cold Monday.

For the record, the burger was exactly what you’d expect for about £3.80.

Next time we come we’ll book the VIP booth and invite Sheffield Hatter; he’d love it.

This would have been Mrs RM’s first (1st) contribution to “ALL THE PUBS ON SHEFFIELD”, but she insisted on taking the tram back from West Street. And we missed our stop.

10 thoughts on “VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE

    1. Bill,
      Rupert Murdoch buys The Times and The Sunday Times, Bobby Sands dies after a two month hunger strike, riots in Brixton, Toxteth and across the country, Charles and Diana get married, Arthur Scargill elected leader of National Union of Mineworkers. Surely not the best of years.
      But a Snug was a Snug not a VIP Booth. And Sheffield still had three big historic breweries, Stones, Tennants and Wards.

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      1. I thought any time in the past is inherently better than today? Isn’t that the prevailing wisdom these days?


  1. I used to go to the Beehive occasionally for a football match on TV. That VIP suite is good for football, and it’s handy for the bar too. They used to do a pretty decent Black Sheep Bitter. But lately I’ve been going to the Broomhill Tavern for football on TV – a proper pub, as I’m sure you know.

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