Retired Martin’s Honest Norwich Reappraisal Part III – A little piece of Norwich Over The Water that is forever York

17th March 2023.

Two down in Norwich, one to go.

I must have done this walk from station up Magdalene Street a couple of dozen times, even stayed in the Maid’s Head for £35 once; perhaps I should have slowed down to appreciate the merits of the market,

and the “baroque” (per Pevsner) splendour of Jarrolds,

where Mum used to shop for placemats when Dad took me to see Norwich City play occasionally.

If I head back to Norwich to revisit the GBG pubs you’ll get pics of the 365 churches, but the trail to Norwich Over the Water is rather more modern.

Look at this record shop near the Kings Head; they’ve even got Dylan ! (and Ultravox).

And then you walk under the A147 and it all gets a little edgy, by Norwich standards anyway.

Now, I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this, but doesn’t this wonderful drawing of an alien say Si ?

BRAPA had mixed views on the Malt & Mardle, and I can see why.

It’s tiny so unless you nab the last seat on entry (and I didn’t because the bloke behind me sent his wife to nick it) then you’ll be forced to sit in the window uncomfortably close to a glamorous looking lady fiddling with her hair, which is no fun.

Suddenly remembering to eat, I spied an artisanal (expensive and dull) chorizo sausage roll and made a jokey comment to the bloke in front who was ordering his to save me one. He nearly ordered three just to annoy me.

I also had that experience that Simon describes where the barperson hears your order and scoots off as if checking on the Norwoch v Hull score, only to come back 30 seconds later with a pint from the cool cabinet or whatever. She never got a moments rest, and I felt quite sorry for her till she found time for a well-earned fag break.

Two cask beers, both from York’s banter brewer. Did Simon put them up to this ?

My notes say “Duran riot” which made no sense till I realised it was this.

Le Bon made way for Sting and I realised that Norwich would never leave 1982. In fact, the next track was Waterloo Sunset, and then The Liquidator.

Actually, good music choice, albeit a bit quiet, and the coconut etc etc etc stout was a rich and tasty NBSS 3.5 so I can’t complain.

Tellingly, no-one else had a pint of it, though.

8 thoughts on “Retired Martin’s Honest Norwich Reappraisal Part III – A little piece of Norwich Over The Water that is forever York

  1. ah Town won that game, with one of our Dutch midfield maestros scoring 🙂

    if you think the Malt & Mardle is small, try visiting it when theres a morris dance group on a quest to visit every pub on the City of Ale trails, to be fair theyd just left which meant there was still barely enough room for me to grab a seat just by the doorway to the mystery beer celler area.

    Cant say it really improved the experience, but the beer was very good, my notes also say it was a Brew York beer, so I suspect it has a regular brewery slot, and Id certainly revisit it, though its a one and done tick move on kind of place, I couldnt imagine spending alot of time drinking there largely because one thing Norwich could be praiseworthy of having is lots of different types of pubs to suit everyone


  2. Interesting review of our little pub, Martin! We know it’s not for anyone but genuinely appreciate you taking the time to visit. We had a Brew York tap takeover during the week you visited , hence why our offering was very Brew York heavy! Perhaps we can tempt you in again during a Thursday or Sunday when we are less busy. Best, Emily (Co-Owner and possibly the glamorous woman in the window touching her hair although that may be wishful thinking).


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