February 2023.

Now I’ve ticked ALL the pubs, Mrs RM is determined to tick ALL the countries and major cities. This is the colour-coded wall map (needs some updating) showing which family members have been where.

Mrs RM is determined I will NEVER get to Switzerland; I am equally minded to ensure that she will never get to Carluke.

So we have a few cheap (think £8) flights coming up to ensure that global warming keeps average Sheffield temperatures in the teens. Starting last week in Greece.

Now, you might not think a flight from Luton Airport would be a highlight of a trip to Athens, and of course you’d be right.

But I will say that Luton Airport is looking in better shape than last time I dropped two teenagers off before a flight to Krakow, and a quick look at What Pub reminded me that a pub tour of this highly underrated town, with much to be underrated about, is long overdue.

Look closely at the red dots representing cask and you’ll see one at the airport itself. Really ?

There’s a new Big Smoke place I might do next time, but the cask is promised at the Smithfield, whose name surely commemorates the proper opening hours available to Paul Mudge and others near London’s meat markets (4am onward).

Nice and spacious, with an enticing beer menu.

“Dangerously quaffable” heh ? What can this amber nectar be ?

Hardly matters, but the IPA clip was turned around, so I shall never know if the Greene King classic was subtly tailored to the 4am pre-flight market.

Now, there were a couple of Beavertown keg taps as well, but they were so well hidden I assumed they weren’t actually active and your £8 Gamma Ray bought you a can.

So I went with the crowd.

And I kid you not, half the couple of dozen folk in the Smithfield were also enjoying the UK’s best-selling beer.

We enjoyed it so much, we missed the board going from “Flight to Thessaloniki : Gate to be announced” to “Gate 26 Closing – Run“.

12 thoughts on “LUTON AIRPORT OO-EE-NOO

  1. At last i’ve been to somewhere you haven’t -I have spent a few hours in St Moritz Switzerland -a few years ago & it was fiendishly expensive

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      1. A week based in Interlaken fifteen years ago made a lovely change from the usual family holiday in Charmouth. There’s proper mountains over there.

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  2. Same experience at Smithfield but agree Luton airport has improved and is now easily the best airport in Bedfordshire. Can only envy the range of destinations available to you (relative) locals.

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    1. “the proper opening hours available to Paul Mudge and others near London’s meat markets”
      Yes, missed the first three hours but about fifty times I was in the Smithfield pubs for over an hour from not long after 8am. It’s mostly gone now and the replacement Borough Market isn’t the same.

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      1. Yes indeed, and incredibly Uttoxeter has far more Bass pubs than in the so called good old days.
        I shall have to do that bumpy bus journey again.

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      2. Yes, and I find Uttoxeter much more welcoming than a few decades ago, probably because I’m old now and fit in better.

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      3. I’m looking forward to reading it.
        Draught Bass in friendly pubs might make Uttoxeter one of your favourite towns.

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