11th February 2023.

Not quite The Longest Day, but 11/2/23 (2/11/23 for US readers) did include 9 pubs and 7 separate public transport journeys, and I’m still pulling bus tickets out of my jeans a week later.

The train from Chorley would have taken me rapidly back to Preston station, but I really wanted to tick off Lostock Ale in mysterious (perhaps) Lostock Hall. Only a pub ticker would want to stop in a suburb of a suburb of Preston.

So I jumped off at Leyland, ignored the call of the Queens, and caught another £2 capped single fare the 2 miles nort,

Now, to the untrained eye Lostock might look a bit plain, but What Pub tells a different tale. Look at this for a pub name;

And if you think that sounds a bit staid, look at who they’ve got on in a fortnight.

Or you could have a choice of Caledonian beers in “Wishing Well at Tardy Gate“, or the ultra rare Wainwright in the Pleasant Retreat.

In contrast, Lostock Ale’s “traditional micro pub” hardly sets the pulse racing, though that’s a mighty inviting glow emanating from within.

What’s a “traditional” micropub ?

Anyway, all Lostock life was there, I guess, but I suspect I was the only taker for the beer from mighty Milton brewery. It’s good to see beers from Waterbeach that aren’t fruited sours on my travels.

There’s a bit of character, too, from the cartoons of locals,

to the photo of the all-conquering Guildhall Cup winners of 1955-56.

More great football ephemera in the gents, with this GENUINE piece of Preston North End’s plastic pitch.

Anyone interested in plastic pitches should seek out the classic “They used to play on plastic” (Amazon, £33.99).

In truth, I was getting fed up of micros by now (FIVE in a row), even the ones with spidery light fittings.

With 10 minutes till the bus to Preston, I nearly succumbed to a half of Wainwright in the Pleasant, but the rumbling tummy won out and I nipped in Co-op for an artisan, and probably award winning, pork pie.


  1. By the looks of Lostock Ale’s signage, I think I know now where Ale Cry’s former designer went after Central Lancs CAMRA gave them the boot off the mag.

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