I thought the Cask and Tap was my first Top 100 Pub in Blackpool, but my crack team of unpaid researchers remind me that the Victoria in Cleveleys made the cut in 2016. There’s soon be more Sam Smiths pubs in my Top 100 than there are open Sam Smiths pubs.

A rare micro on my list. and remarkably central, just beyond the Winter Gardens, Grand Theatre,

and this exciting new art installation on Church Street called “Modern Life“.

Topping Street has a fair few bars, but the Townsman is long-term closed and I’m too scared to ever go in Ma Kelly’s without Mrs RM.

I thought Cask and Tap (there’s probably also a Cask & Tap to confuse me) had a “sticky-outy” sign but it’s the advert for the estate agents; the pub gets a barrel with “cask ale” on it. Classy.

I loved this place, and not just because it sells Jane’s fanzine.

Very friendly, a good mix of folk, “proper” seating as well as barrel seats,

and a wonderful collection of Bass cartoons.

Bill Sticker is innocent.

But it’s the beer that’s the star, a Wilde Child that was simply cool, rich and gorgeous. I rarely give an NBSS 4.5, but here it seemed the least it deserved.

2 pints, no lunch, the rest of Lancs to conquer.

Where next ?

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