11th February 2023.

One down, how many more Lancashire micros could I manage ?

I nearly got distracted at the first hurdle, tempted by the delights of Blackpool v Rotherham at Bloomfield Road, but they were only selling home tickets to “previous purchasers” * and the Millers had sold out their away allocation.

I settled with an exploration of Blackpool’s famed “Gold Quarter”,

noting the shop where Jane invests the profits from her wonderful fanzine.

Has the Armenian Kebab House changed since 1978 ? I must come back and find out.

Feeling very lazy, but also because you can’t come to the seaside and NOT take the tram, I jumped on at mysterious Harrow Place and paid my £2.90 to the most cheery ticket collector in Lancashire.

A bedraggled family jumped on at Pleasure Beach.

Have you been swimming in the pool ?” the chap asks the wet looking young lad. “Remember you can drink as much as you like there, for free !“. It was funny at the time.

I’m convinced that, never mind race and gender and football teams; the world divides into two types of people. Folk who love Blackpool, and the rest.

I love Blackpool, me, and my heart leapt for joy as I jumped off at its most impressive building;

The tower behind that Spoons isn’t bad, either.

*How do you become a “previous purchaser” if tickets are only available to previous purchasers ?

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