5th February 2023.

Any sensible person would have said “Bye” to Jim B after the White Lion and let him find his own way back through the dangerous back streets of south Sheffield to the station, but us tickers look after our own and I knew there were wild animals in Heeley.

And I always think you need to revisit pubs a couple of times to get a true feel for them, preferably on a different day and time.

Last month the Brothers Arms had been a model of solitude, bar an entertaining matrimonial dispute and some top level “sad girl shredding” on the jukebox.

On my return, it was heaving with Heeley life, but because I only took this photo after a couple of halves (NBSS 3, to be honest) I can’t even tell you what we had, but Jim seemed quite excited as be stuck them onto Untppd, so I guess they were unusual if you like that sort of thing.

2 minutes down the hill to the Sheaf View,

which in January had the view at dusk, the top beer, the pork pie and all, but suffered (and I hate to say this) from the smell of dog.

But at 4pm on Sunday it had no dog smell issues, just a pub packed with the mix of life that makes Sheffield’s free houses so great.

After my aberration in the Brothers I switched back from halves to pints (something from Neepsend, NBSS 4), the Only True Way unless you’re at Oktoberfest when it’s litres, I guess.

Wish I’d taken notes, but that’s the problem when you’re in great company, as Jim is.

Lets the lacings speak for themselves.

There’s a prize if you can guess where I ended up, yards from the station.

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