31st January 2023.

Another late night, but we’ll have plenty of time to “chill out” when we’re dead, so let’s hit Cardiff.

Mrs RM was intrigued by my £27 a night Zip hotel by Premier Inn next to the David Lloyd fitness centre 3 miles east of Cardiff central. Worth a tenner just for the brutalism.

No windows, no superfluous space, no kettle and coffee sachets, but four (4) bedside sockets,

and some cheap food and drink in the bar.

I was very nearly tempted to skip the gig and stay indoors with a bucket of Corona.

But I’d made tentative plans to meet regular commentator Etu in town and it’s important to tick your readers.

I took the scenic route through the park, making a note not to repeat the trip that night after seeing “The Successors of the Mandingue” in the middle of the trees.

Half an hour brought me in to Roath, an elegant suburb just north of Newport Road and delightful Splott.

Smart schools, austere church,

familiar looking pub.

GBG ticker Eddie had suggested the Four Elms as I’d been impressed by owner JW Bassett’s Hatchet in Cardiff the day before.

That Guinness sign looks familiar. And that wall.

Probably because not only is it in the GBG, I’d actually been in only four years ago (here). Memory like Dory.

In late 2018 I’d found a weird beer with paper pump clip near undrinkable, now the range was down to one pump (“is plenty, often more than enough“), a Nightmare on Elm Street themed ale from Stockport’s finest.

In 4 years the Four Elms has seemingly gone full Beavertown, which may have been the better choice as Freddy Brewger started off cool and rich (NBSS 3+) and ended up like cold tea (NBSS 2). Should drink quicker.

Lively place, lovely staff, mixed crowd of tradesmen, couples, cyclists and students, weird soundtrack.

And a decent pub grub burger I regretted immediately afterwards.

Beer apart, a nice allrounder. But why, oh why (oh why) was it voted UK Parliamentary Pub of the Year in 2019 ?

7 thoughts on “ROATH RUMBLE

      1. I’ve had a windowless room in Edale.
        Isn’t £27 the same as the Lower Turks Head ?
        I see that’s by Premier Inn who I think have a policy of windows not opening anyway.

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