30th January 2023.

A solo crawl that started at 14:20 ended at 19:50 with the inevitable 7th pub, the one you pop in when you’ve bought takeaway and really ought to be heading straight to the Premier Inn to make a mess over the towels

Leaving the Monday bouncers at the Hatchet,

I retraced my steps to Wok to Walk, which seems to be a mini chain of noodle houses that was so vigorously pushing the Pad Thai (£8.95) I succumbed, and my luck was in (NPTSS 4). OK, not a real Bristol Chinese takeaway but I’ll be back.

15 minutes in preparation, so piping fresh, and then a determined wobble through underpass,

past church,

and a posh looking hotel I’m surprised “only” costs £74 tonight.

This attractive area of Bristol just east of the main hospital seems to have no distinguishing name in the GBG, so I’ll assume it’s called Premier Inn, as they’re at least 37 of them here.

Why does Bristol keep placing pubs you can’t walk past in your way ?

It’s a decade or so since the Bank burst into the GBG and I thought it was great then, and always meant to pay a return visit but never stumbled on it again.

Fairly quiet on a Monday night,

so you can admire a gorgeously underrated interior.

The custom seemed to be determined to take advantage of the balmy late January weather (about 5 degrees) to sit under the tarpaulin. Or perhaps they shared my frustration that Shazam was confusing the Doors with The Divine Comedy. Oh no, that was actually me.

At the bar very well-to-do students were taking an age to debate their choice of half,

when the only possible choice was the Cheddar IPA, a cool, rich 3.5.

Amazingly, no-one nicked my Pad Thai was I was inside. Such honest folk, Bristolians.

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