Thursday and Friday had been overcast days, but Saturday brought blue skies to Bristol and a song in the heart. A song about 10 ticks, I think.

Sadly only an hour or so before my advance booking back to Sheffield, just enough time to prove that Bristol Old Town is really gorgeous.

I took a long, rambling walk south of the Premier Inn toward St Nicholas, full of art.

Blackpool Jane and me were just debating the art/graffiti in Bristol.

And as usual she’s right; there’s a fine balance between shabby chic and shabby.

I stumbled on Johnny Ball Lane. Johnny Ball was, of course, a variant of Association Soccer played in Avon in the 1960s, rather like Bielsa Ball I guess.

You wouldn’t come down here in the dark. Unless you needed a wee.

Or were a Hull Tigers fans needing to put your own graffiti on the wall.

I didn’t get to add an old Bristol pub favourite on Friday night, but I might pop back this year and do Horts, which once served Bass. 25 years ago, probably.

At 8:30 I just wanted a black coffee and some Lebanese flatbread filled with sesame in Five Grains, a very reasonable cafe with an egg timer.

Then, one last stare across the river to Bedminster (no new entries there this year !),

a last grumble about the electric scooters whizzing past my ankles, and that was Bristol for 2022. At least till October.


      1. And when we do stay in Bristol, there will be a trip to the Star in Bath for a Bass. My wife is one up on me.And she is loving it.

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      2. I had something else that I cannot recall. I now realize it was a mistake to not have a Bass! I was new at real ale at the time.

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