30th January 2023 (still).

Enough pubs, let’s have some art.

With my five (5) Bristol ticks in the bag before six I realised I needed some sort of plan for the evening, other than the immediate one that involved finding a route back to my Premier Inn with a legal loo stop on it.

I could/shouldbhave taken the duller route back via central Bedminster and revisited the newly re-opened King’s Head that had, as reader Mike notes, graced the local CAMRA mag,

but I fancied a proper cider pub, and I knew there was one on Spike Island, down there somewhere;

Yes, let’s stop and take photos of wire mesh, shall we ?

Ah, this one is better;

Bristol is, like Manchester and Sheffield, forever a city of construction and cranes, producing no doubt affordable riverside homes like McArthur’s Yard. Richard Harris should sue.

Searching the Boak & Bailey guide to Bristol pubs while avoiding joggers on Spike Island isn’t covered by your travel insurance, so I was glad to quickly realise it was the Orchard I wanted, though this building radiating light looked equally inviting;

Sadly, that building turned out to be Kinetic Systems, an HVAC contractor (whatever that is), and the Orchard had decided to close for a week to coincide with my (re)visit, probably wisely.

Google Maps insisted I could take a little ferry across the Avon from the SS Great Britain, but the ferry was keeping micropub hours so I had to walk the length of Spike Island,

which is no hardship as long as you dodge those jogger and electric scooters.

And the, somehow, I was at the Myrtle Tree.

And you know what they sell.

Except they didn’t. “Try again on Thursday”.


  1. Going to the Myrtle Tree and finding they had no Bass is the definition of bad luck. You could have consoled yourself by going round the corner to the Bag O’ Nails and licking a cat.


  2. All loo stops are legal even if they are a vacant lot or a train platform. Those men had no right to pursue BRAPA. We need a consumer group for the support of restrooms. Campaign to Save Public Restrooms. CaSPR. Pronounced Casper.

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