Fantasies Friday.

More classic pubbing from the King of Walsall.

Evo Boozy Scribbler

16th December. 6.18 pm. My clock card was about to take its final dive into the machine of the week. Always a joyous moment. My phone rang. I clocked out and answered. It was Josh. “What are you doing later geezer?” he asked. I explained my plans and that I was out with Dave as we were popping our heads into the licensees of The Oak Inn’s 7th anniversary party, of them taking over the pub that is. I know not of their marital or not status.

“I take it you’re celebrating the momentous Walsall FC news?” he further queried. I hesitated. I hadn’t heard any such news. Clearly something had occurred since I came off my break 3 hours earlier. I further paused as I tried to guess what this could be. Walsall FC only dabble in momentous news very sporadically and it usually doesn’t end well. If you…

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