and Maltmeister (Newmarket’s own Martin) couldn’t be more delighted.

30th December 2022.

A last pub of the night (and (spoiler) the year), for Mrs RM and me anyway, as we straggled our way up to the Chesterfield Arms,

via a glass of Deya or Verdant in the Crafty Dog, where our little group trebled the average age inside.

This was a night of truly unprofessional drinking, with no (zero, 0) new ticks for me but who cares.

A heaving Chesterfield Arms was a joy of a revisit. Oddly out of the GBG recently, when I’d visited last year the Bass was off, and I couldn’t see it now.

But there it is ! Hidden round the corner.

And that’s the problem with these ale shrines; the Bass gets shunted to the second bar and you miss it, as did Simon when he caught up.

Anyway, gorgeous. I guess.

Note how Mrs RM is trying to recreate that BRAPA angry babe look there.

I took the pint back off Mrs RM after the photo, said goodbye to everyone except Clydebank Brian who’d come down especially to drink Doom Bar in Wetherspoons (possibly), and had a decent enough curry in Ashoka.

And that was the first AGM. Plans for the 2023 meeting in Maidenhead remain “tentative”.


    1. I think one or two tickers looked at towns with multiple new entries (Chesterfield has 3) and some small football grounds they could visit after Christmas, and it has good transport and a cheap hotel scene.


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